Zionist attacks on social media

Since January 2022 Palestine Declassified has reported every week on how the Zionist movement is engaged in a war on solidarity with the resistance to occupation of Palestine.

Our reports have not gone un-noticed by the Zionists. Typically, rather than engage in debate and discussion as they claim to favor, the main public responses have been to deploy the Zionist weapon of choice – false allegations of antisemitism. But behind the scenes Zionist lobbyists have been working with social media companies to have this program censored and marginalized. First the YouTube channel was targeted in May.

YouTube claimed that this was because of and unspecified terms of service violation.

On 18 May a British Israel lobby group the Community Security Trust claimed that it was behind the censorship. The next step was that the Twitter account of the program was labelled ‘Iran state-affiliated media’. But this was not enough.

Next the personal Twitter accounts of the presenter and producer of this program, Chris Williamson and David Miller were labelled in the same way. Again the Community Security Trust claimed credit.

Palestine Declassified has reported on several occasions about the Community Security Trust, a British charity that claims to focus on protecting British Jews from anti-Semitism, but in reality runs point for the Zionist regime and spends most of its time targeting the left, Muslims and supporters of the liberation of Palestine.

It is known to have been in regular contact with the Mossad spy agency and assiduously compiles spy files on British campaigners against Zionism including holding many files on anti-Zionist Jews.

These files are used to defame and deplatform anyone who criticizes the Zionist regime or its henchmen in the UK, such as the CST.

Its relations with Twitter go beyond simply submitting complaints to the social media giant.

Since 2015 the CST and Twitter have worked together, with Twitter executives referring to the CST as ‘empowering’ Twitter to ‘take action.

The CST includes amongst its charitable objects that it campaigns against extremism. But it defines extremism in such a narrow way that it excludes even the wildest Zionist extremism Recently, for example, it offered ‘counter terror’ advice to a Zionist sect, Chabad, after the group was described accurately as ‘extremist’.

Chabad is held by the Zionist intelligence agency, Shin Bet, to be responsible for most ‘price tag’ revenge attacks on Palestinians including murders. Of course, the CST will not take any action against such extremism, not least because CST founder, the convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson funnels money to Chabad from his family foundation.


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