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YouTube Audio Ads vs. Video Ads – Which Performs Better? [Infographic]

With more people now tuning into YouTube’s audio-only options, including YouTube Music, last November, YouTube announced the addition of audio ads in order to give marketers more options for connecting with their target audiences.

But are they effective – and how do they compare to YouTube’s regular video ad options, in terms of creative approach and response?

To find out, the team from Creatopy recently spent $6,797 in testing on both audio and video ads on the platform. The messaging, budget and audience targeting elements were identical for each campaign in the test pool, with only the format changed to provide a comparative sample. 

They found that while the formats are very different, there are some key similarities, and consistencies in approach that will help you maximize both types of promotions.

They’ve collected their key findings into the below infographic, including pointers on best practices, key considerations, and creative notes.

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