You can now ‘soft block’ haters and creeps on Twitter. Here’s how!

You can now ‘soft block’ haters and creeps on Twitter, and we say, ”Thank you, Jack Dorsey!”

Every digital citizen today knows that there’s no shortage of creeps and unpleasantly opinionated users. And out of all the social media platforms, Twitter oddly seems to be a hotspot where you’ll encounter the most. However, they seem to have come up with a solution to this digital irk. More so, a nifty feature in case you feel the need to maintain some space between you and your followers. Twitter calls it a ‘soft block’.

This new feature allows users to gain more control over the interactions and exposure with their followers. Twitter introduced this new feat as a measure to reduce and curb abuse and harassment on the platform. The feature is currently available for all Tweeters on the social media site.

How it works

In order to soft block a follower, you’ll need to log in on the Twitter website on your laptop or desktop. Next, click on the ‘Followers’ list on your profile. Next to each follower, you’ll see three dots. Tap that and select ‘Remove this follower’. The initial method to get rid of an unwanted follower was by blocking and then unblocking them. The soft block option simply cuts to the chase.

Once you’ve soft blocked someone, don’t worry, Twitter won’t notify that user. They’ll still be able to see your tweets and DM you however, in order to read tweets on your timeline, they’ll have to refollow you all over again. Which of course, you can stall or decline. So yeah, a soft block on Twitter means they can still refollow you. If you want complete riddance, you’ll need to block them and go private. This new feature is only available on browsers, but we’re soon expecting it to reach the app. While they take this anti-harassment measure, Twitter is also testing out a new feat that auto-blocks hate comments, that should be around soon too.

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