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Women’s TikTok Video From Hospital Goes Viral After They Were Hit And Injured By Car While Dining On Patio In Evanston

EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — Just 24 hours after getting hit by a car at a sidewalk café in downtown Evanston, two young women have blown up on social media.


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The women’s viral TikTok video, letting the world know they are on the mend, now has nearly 400,000 views. And CBS 2’s Jim Williams’ report on the accident Tuesday plays a role in the video.

It was a video the women made in their hospital room, hours after they were both hit by the car as they ate lunch outside the Aloha Poke restaurant at Davis Street and Orrington Avenue.

When you think about what happened to them, it’s stunning they could be in such good spirits.

As he sat down with them outside Wednesday, Williams told Alison Wilensky and Courtney Mazeika – “Let me say this – I’m really happy to see you right now, after what happened yesterday.”

Wilensky and Mazeika were banged up and scraped up.

“I am in a lot of pain on my arms because it got hit into the pole,” Mazeika said. “I’m basically pelvis-down in a lot of pain. It hurts to walk.”

But they are both home and out of the hospital, after that harrowing lunch outside this Evanston restaurant Tuesday.

“I think at first, I was really confused, because I didn’t know what had hit me,” Wilensky said, “and then when we flew and landed and I turned and saw the car, we both looked at each other – and we were like, ‘Oh my God.’”

A driver barreled into the plaza as Wilensky and Mazeika were eating.

“I just saw a few of the customers run out, and all of a sudden I see this car, and two women on the ground,” employee Claire Price told CBS 2’s Williams Tuesday.

The women had just been served and were eating outdoors when the driver of this car jumped the curb, knocked over a traffic sign, and barreled deep into the plaza – slamming into both women.

“One of the girls was sitting like right around here, and another one was laying beside the car,” Price said Tuesday.

“It was a split second with me realizing what was happening, and then the next thing I knew, we flew like 15 feet and we were on the ground,” Mazeika said.

Both were rushed to the hospital. On Tuesday night, in their hospital room, the lifelong friends shared an update on TikTok – telling everyone they were in the hospital and would be spending the night there.

As they used the video platform told their thousands of followers what happened, our CBS 2 story from Tuesday was playing on a screen between them.

In the TikTok video, Wilensky and Mazeika sampled sound bites we got from witnesses at the scene as they gestured their own reactions.

To Aloha Poke employee Price describing seeing “two women on the ground,” the young women pointed at each other. To employee Jailene Ceda remarking that the women were “literally talking our food was very good,” Wilensky and Mazeika each touched their mouths.

And to CBS 2’s Williams noting that the women were “conscious when taken to the hospital,” they both gave thumbs up.

“We kept in good spirits and just let people know we were OK,” Wilensky said.

But full of good cheer though Wilensky and Mazeika were, they were also shaken by that Tuesday in Evanston.

“I thought she was going to die. I’m not even kidding. When we were like just sitting there, she wasn’t blinking. I think it was because she was in so much shock, but like, she was not blinking,” Wilensky said, “and I was terrified.”

“I’m traumatized,” Mazeika said.

“Yeah, me too,” Wilensky added. “We talked about it this morning. We keep getting flashbacks pretty badly.”

Police told Wilensky and Mazeika the 33-year-old driver made a wrong turn on a one-way street, panicked, and hit the accelerator instead of the brakes.

Both young women are praising all the witnesses who came to their aid.

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