Women assaulted by social media personality urged to come forward for support

With allegations recently surfacing on Facebook against a local social media personality, who has been accused of sexually assaulting a number of women and spreading sexually transmitted infections (STIs), members of the women’s rights organisation Red Thread are urging the survivors to come forward so that they can receive the necessary advice and support needed.

The accusations resulted in the the alleged perpetrator and even some of his accusers deactivating their Facebook profiles and a majority of the posts were deleted. The man’s accusers had said he committed the assaults while the victims were intoxicated and without their consent. They had also said he carried out the acts with full knowledge that he had STIs.

Sunday Stabroek has contacted a number of police officials who said they were aware of the allegations but indicated that there was no record of any report to the police. They stated that the police could only act based on an official report.

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