Woman sues CoxHealth, CEO over ‘COVID’ promo code, social media posts

Samantha Cherry’s legal battle with CoxHealth stems from a case of swimmer’s ear suffered by her youngest son last year, she said.

A year ago, said the 30-something single parent, she and her two boys rented a boat at a lakeside resort near Branson and went swimming.

“They were by the dock where there’s always a bunch of algae,” Cherry said.

After they got back home to Ozark, her youngest son, now age 10, “started complaining that the outside of his ear was tender,” Cherry told the News-Leader Wednesday.

A few weeks after the ear was treated by Cox, Cherry filed a civil lawsuit against Cox and its president and CEO, Steve Edwards.

Plaintiff alleges privacy violated

How did the two sides move from managing a child’s ear pain to battling in court for almost a year?

Through social media.

Cherry alleges that a public Twitter message posted by Cox CEO Steve Edwards on Aug. 2 of last year — which featured a screenshot of outraged comments Cherry made on what she considered to be a private Facebook post — was libelous, defamatory, violated the medical privacy of her child and damaged her business reputation as a lead buyers agent with eXp Realty.

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