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Woman, 19, goes viral after doctors find her heart is on the other side of her chest

Claire Mack, 19, went to the hospital for a tetanus jab when she had her persistent cough checked out – and to everyone’s surprise, the X-ray showed her heart pointing in the other direction

Claire had been suffering from a persistent cough for more than two months (

Image: Jam Press/@clairemack04)

A woman has gone viral after doctors found her heart is on the wrong side of her chest.

Claire Mack, 19, had been suffering from a persistent cough and asked to get it checked out when she was getting a tetanus jab last month.

The doctor found the student was suffering from a lung infection and took an X-ray.

Claire, from Chicago, said: “I work in nightlife so I’m exposed to a lot of colds, and I got a bad one when things started opening up again two and a half months ago. It was persistent and long-lasting even with medication.

Claire Mack found out her heart is on the other side of her chest when she went to a doctor about an unrelated medical issue


Jam Press/@clairemack04)

“I went to the ER at the end of June because I needed a tetanus shot after I cut myself on barbed wire, and I decided to have them check out my cough as well.”

Claire said she burst out laughing when the doctor told her that her heart was on the other side of her chest because she couldn’t believe it.

She added: “The doctor explained it is called dextrocardia and that I should inform my primary care doctor of my condition.

“I kept saying ‘what, are you serious?’ – I honestly was in shock and extremely confused as to how I didn’t know before I was 19 years old.”

Dextrocardia is a rare condition that is present at birth.

Claire shared the story of how she found out about her heart on TikTok


Jam Press/@caremack)

The heart is pointed towards the right side of the chest instead of the left.

It is said less than one per cent of the general population are born with this condition.

Claire said her parents couldn’t believe it either and that it had taken so long for her to find out she had dextrocardia.

Claire said: “I hadn’t ever had a chest X-ray so there was no way to know that my heart is reversed.

“My primary care doctor did a check-up with me and said that my heart does beat louder on the right side – but obviously there’s no way you can diagnose dextrocardia from that alone.”

Claire said she didn’t think much of her cough at the time because she works in nightlife and is used to being exposed to colds


Jam Press/@clairemack04)

The teen shared her story on TikTok by walking down the street and telling her followers what happened.

The post has since been viewed 2.9million times and has left many viewers baffled.

One wrote: “How have you been alive that long and no one’s noticed?”

Another confused viewer wrote: “How did no dr catch this?”

One viewer added: “I’m sorry but what, I didn’t even know that’s possible, does it happen often, this is the first time I’ve heard of this.”

A baffled viewer also wrote: “Oh my god they never noticed this at routine check-ups?!”

Dextrocardia is usually not life-threatening, and Claire does not need any medical follow-ups for now.

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