When LinkedIn announced its live feature 2 or so years ago, this gave users of the application a great way to create meaningful and genuine connections with their audience.

LinkedIn Events have always been a great resource for people to create and invite specific connections to an event that is value-added to the individual.

The wonderful thing LinkedIn has done, they have not only given LinkedIn Live Producers the ability to go live on the platform, but you can now go live in an event.

“At LinkedIn, we’re constantly trying to improve our member experience. As part of this process, we’re looking to evolve the experience of “Going live into an event” on LinkedIn to be more efficient and conversational.

Hence, we will remove the current experience of going live to attendees only in the Events by October 15, 2021.

We are bringing LinkedIn Live and Events together to create a more seamless, powerful solution for your reach, engagement, and community-building needs.

In the earlier experience, you were allowed to go live only for attendees with no replay, which has now been removed.

In the new experience, when you go Live to your LinkedIn Live Event, anyone, attendees and non-attendees, will be able to view your content during and after the Live Event.” – LinkedIn

Here are 3 reasons why you must host a LinkedIn Live Event:

1. You can build trust and rapport with a specific network of individuals that you personally invited:

Once you create the event, you have the ability to carefully curate the audience that you feel would be best suited for the event you are putting on by specifically selecting an industry, company, or individual.

This allows you to better target those who would most likely accept the invitation to attend and actually show up. There has been a rise in low “show up” rates for online events, but that could be due to the wrong people being invited.

When you are more clear on your audience, this will allow you to invite the right people to build trust and rapport with.

2. The attendees and non-attendees can see the live stream at the same time, and watch the recording:

The idea that all attendees and non-attendees can watch live and on the replay, gives the individual hosting the event incredible visibility as the event happens, and after it has ended. Outside of visibility, the event host’s reach of potential views increases drastically. Since 2019, LinkedIn has been at the top of the social media chain when it comes to organic visibility, organic reach, and organic engagement.

The Live Event feature is just another ingenious way that LinkedIn allows us to better connect with our ideal audience whether they are an attendee or not.

3. It is a great way to provide educational and informative content to those who actually want to see it, and hear it directly from you.

As I have spoken about before, video is king for a number of reasons. First, video allows you to build the “know, like, and trust” faster than any other form of content that you can create. Second, video allows the viewer to put a face to the name for brand recognition. Third and final, video allows the viewer to hear how passionate you are about what you teach and how you help those around you.

With the “LinkedIn Live Event” feature, not only can you show up on camera to engage with your audience, you can speak directly to those who can and will benefit most from what you have to offer during your event. Video can be a scary thing to step into, but I promise you, we all start in the same place, and you can grow your influence and credibility significantly when using this amazing new feature LinkedIn is providing us.

Are you going to take advantage of the LinkedIn Live Event Feature?

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