Why This Royal Ritual Featured In Spencer Has Twitter Talking

The royal family is reportedly expected to undergo a weigh-in both on arrival and just before departing. The odd ritual originated around the turn of the 20th century with Edward VII, who was Queen Victoria’s son and Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandfather (via BritRoyals). The monarch, who was known for his “high society lifestyle” as prince, according to the royal family’s website, apparently wanted to see proof that his guests were leaving satisfied, according to royal expert Ingrid Seward (via Grazia UK). That’s not a difficult goal, considering that the royals’ festivities include a black-tie Christmas Eve dinner, a big Christmas lunch, tea, and a full dinner in the evening.

All this was surely tortuous for a princess who was already struggling with poor self-image, her failing marriage, and the eating disorder bulimia. The film shows Diana arriving at Sandringham and expressing disgust at having to stand on the antique scales. Although the royals haven’t confirmed that the weighing still goes on, perhaps future generations of monarchs will put an end to the unnecessary holiday tradition.

Meanwhile, the news has been sending a stir through Twitter for some time. Comments include this very British reaction from 2018: “I for one am gooped and gagged and shook.” Another fan tweeted, “One downside of being a member of the royal family.” A respondent declared, “If the Royal family wanted me to weigh in after Christmas dinner I’d tell them to jog on!”

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