Why Logidock is testament to customer requirements post-pandemic and Logitech’s new vision

The Logidock, an all-in-one docking station from Logitech, is a testament to the kind of change one of the world’s leading accessory companies is seeing in its audiences and as a result in its design thinking for the future.

The all-in-one docking station is aimed to declutter desktops and let users join video meetings with a single tap. Powered by two 55 mm speakers, Logidock can also charge a laptop and let users connect multiple USB peripherals including non-Logitech accessories. It is also compatible with both Logitech and non-Logitech webcams, so businesses with existing solutions can use the product without having to incur any additional expense.

“In the office, you have the best broadband, you have the best lighting, you have space. To have a good enterprise video conference in a setup like that is very easy. But at home there are practical challenges of external noises and improper lighting,” explains Anand Lakshmanan, Head of B2B, India and South West Asia. “But people expect the same kind of experience at home as well. So Logidock actually bridges that gap.”

And even as Logitech has been working on a change of character, from a company that caters to the accessory needs of gamers and PC power users to one that also caters to the enterprise segment, it is also constantly trying to bridge the gap between work and home office environments.

Over the last few years, Logitech has developed several video conferences and meeting solutions for businesses, a process that has been accelerated by the pandemic.

Logitech also offers several products like the Rally Bar, Meetup, Rally camera, Group, Scribe and Connect designed to cater to large, medium and small-sized meeting rooms. For example, if you have a large meeting room, Logitech provides solutions that lets everyone in the room clearly hear and speak.

At the Logitech Experience Center, the company showcases the kind of new use cases this caters to. The Logitech Tap Scheduler for instance makes it easy to see meeting details of a specific conference room. This unique product makes it easy to see who is inside, who is hosting a meeting and lets users book the space for future meetings.

If this show and tell is not enough, Logitech also has dedicated enterprise customer support teams which can help companies resolve any issue they might run into if they are using Logitech’s business products or considering a solution from the company. Similar to Logitech’s consumer offering, business products also come with software that lets users customise functionality according to their preferences.

At the company’s research facility in Chennai, the company tests new products and teams collaborate to create new ones. This is where products ranging from computers mouses to headphones are fine-tuned to ensure that users get the best experience. They ensure products rise up to the expectations users have from a brand like Logitech.

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Written by Cam Smash

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