Whopper Top 600 LinkedIn Hashtag Research & Top 150 List

Well I just couldn’t help myself!  What started off a week ago as my annual review of the top 100 hashtags on LinkedIn took me further than ever before.

I was hooked into the research and finding new insights for many a long night. So grateful for my brilliant coffee machine and slumbering household as I pulled the data.

My love for classifications of topic and business searches started decades back at Yellow Pages where the index was crucial for finding the right service or product. But it was often cross referenced requiring creative strategy to align.

That keen eye on nailing the right words and search tools never waned.  Every type of service and subject genre was found in the Yellow Page index, as likewise here on LinkedIn.

Hashtags are a critical element for elevating the reach, classification and topic of all content on LinkedIn. But using them here is a very different beast to other platforms.

For members who turn on Creator Mode they can nominate up to 5 of their preferred hashtag topics to display under their name field.  This indicates their expertise, and secondly demonstrates an emphasis LinkedIn continues to place on the importance of content classification and expertise search.   

You see hashtags have a wider value and resonance on the platform alerting members to the topics written about and shared.  Using the right ones in the right way is essential. As ever this hashtags are not like turkey stuffing and less is more.

Recommended 3 – 5 hashtags per post

So, as I dug further I realised  it was a must to collate not just the the Top 150 but a super duper whopper Top 600 list. It was fascinating to see what came up in the lists based on Follower metrics since my last Top 400 in 2020. 

Back in March 2020 when I researched and published a first ever (at the time) Top 400, I analysed and wrote about ROFP (Ratio of Followers to Posts). How many people followed a certain hashtag vs how many included the # in their content. This was a great insight but the statistics of the number of Posts using a hashtag are no longer available to check.

Sadly, I found again that many important topics have very little Followers. For example, hashtags for bullying, workplace issues, menshealth and aligned men’s topics are almost worthless.

Many topics and hashtags that would be expected to have strong Follower metrics fall on the vine. This is surprising given the volume of important conversations and content in those topic areas. Food for another time and piece of research.  

View the full Top 150 Hashtag list here

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The Top 600 LinkedIn Hashtag research I conducted in January 2022 has been collated into an easy 41 page eBook resource. I have compiled 2 lists: Numerical & Alphabetical for easy referencing.  Follower metrics range from 68M down to circa 50K.

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The eBook is FREE to download. And don’t worry. you will NOT be put on a spam funnel or email list.

In return, it would be most appreciated to receive feedback and reviews as to how my research and the lists support and sharpen your LinkedIn content and marketing activities.

Download the eBook HERE

This was a huge body of work and passion. So please be kind and respectful to attribute me and not plagiarise. Please enjoy!

See you in a few weeks and look forward to hearing from you.

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Sue Parker is the founder and owner of DARE Group Australia.   A personal brand communications, career/job search strategist and LinkedIn specialist, Sue works with business leaders, small businesses and career executives in both public and private sectors. 

Known for her witty insightful opinions and bold strategies, she help clients step up and stand out with confidence.

A well published media commentator and writer on her expertise, Sue is the leading Australian media contributor on LinkedIn topics and news. TV & Media Portfolio here

Get in touch to explore how Sue can help your business or career goals and challenges. or

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