Which Cast Members Have OnlyFans Accounts?

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 just dropped on Netflix. Typically, after people go on reality shows like Too Hot to Handle, they gain a lot of followers on social media and use that leverage to make money. But some of the stars of season 2 didn’t even wait that long to start cashing in on their fame. Several of the Too Hot to Handle Season 2 cast already have OnlyFans accounts and are raking in some serious cash.

Too Hot to Handle season 2 cast | Netflix

Which ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 2 cast members have OnlyFans accounts?

Season 2 just dropped, but Peter Vigilante already has an OnlyFans. He already has 447 fans. Using OnlyFans’ calculator, SlotsUp was able to determine that Vigilante is making up to $107,280 per month on OnlyFans. Vigilante’s site subscription cost $30 a month. Kayla Carter also has an OnlyFans and charges $15 a month. She only has three posts so far but according to SlotsUp, she makes up to $38,160 a month through her account. Carly Lawrence just joined OnlyFans right before Too Hot to Handle Season 2 dropped. She only charges $9.99 a month for her subscription and it is estimated that the star makes up to $32,313.60 a month.

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