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Big Brother 24 came out of the gate with a bang with a new twist that saw one player, Joe “Pooch” Picciarelli, sent to the “backstage” area of the festival-themed season, and forced to choose three other players to join him.

As the mantra of “expect the unexpected” continues, fans are excited to get to know more about the 16 houseguests beyond what was revealed in their intro videos. Who will emerge as favorites, popular, great strategists, and competition beasts, remains to be seen. Some of the players are already well-known personalities while others are quieter online. And some are lifelong, die-hard fans of the game which always makes things interesting.


Joe Pooch Picciarelli

Pooch from big brother 24

There’s no visible Instagram account for Joe “Pooch” Picciarelli. Fans know from his intro that he is from Florida, comes from a big traditional Italian family, and works as an assistant football coach. Fans also loved watching host Julie Chen call him Pooch based on the best Twitter reactions from the season premiere of Big Brother 24.

Fans who want to know more about “Pooch,” however, who became the victim (or lucky recipient?) of the first twist of the season, will have to wait until he decides to set up a public profile somewhere online, or watch the season to see what makes him tick.

Alyssa Snider

Alyssa lists herself as a public figure on Instagram, and indeed, her account at @alyssanida has close to 57,000 followers after only posting 37 times (at the time of this writing). Most of her posts are selfies posing in various outfits and various places.

The marketing executive is poised to be a favorite in the house thanks to her bubbly personality, though she was already banished to the “backstage” portion in the first episode twist, which could throw an unexpected wrench into her social game.

Ameerah Jones

A portrait of Ameerah from Big Brother 24.

Ameerah doesn’t appear to have an Instagram account. The content designer doesn’t have much of a social media presence, if at all. Not much is known about her aside from the fact that she is 31 years old and hails from Maryland.

Chances are that Jones might create a social media presence following her time on the show, or one might be created for her during her time in the house. For now, she is not easily located online on any of the popular social media sites.

Kyle Capener

Full of personality, Kyle is on Instagram at @kylecapener where he posts plenty of shirtless photos, photos of himself on adventures, images with his dog, and humorous photos joking about things like the fact that he still lives with his parents. He has the most Instagram followers of all Big Brother 24 houseguests.

Where Capener is most popular, however, is on TikTok where he has more than half a million followers. There he posts, as noted in his Big Brother intro video, plenty of silly dance videos with his mother and other family members, as well as on his own.

Brittany Hoopes

With an Instagram account at @britt.hoopes, Brittany Hoopes, the certified clinical hypnotist, has quite a few followers with just over 1,700 at the time of this writing. She posts lots of selfies, photos of florals, and other scenic and nature beauty images.

Her profile notes that her husband is running the account while she is away. It does not appear as though the Atlanta native has a presence on any other social media sites. Nonetheless, chances are fans will be curious about her and her profession and will be checking out her Instagram profile while she’s on the show to learn more.

Daniel Durston

Daniel Durston, not surprisingly, has quite an active Instagram account seeing as he already works in the entertainment business: the Las Vegas performer works as a tribute artist, impersonating the King of Rock ‘N Roll himself, Elvis Presley. His Instagram account at @danieldurston is full of promotional photos and images of him performing on stage.

He can also be followed on Twitter @downtowndurston where he shares similar photos and show details. He is also on TikTok where he posts a variety of videos of him singing, often dressed as Elvis.

Indy Santos

Indy is on Instagram @indysantosofficial where she dubs herself a “public figure” in her profile. She has close to 20,000 followers and directs to her manager on her profile for inquiries.

Santos posts lots of selfies and posed photos in bikinis, while traveling, and with friends. It does not appear as though she has a presence on other popular social media sites: her Instagram LinkTree points to a non-active TikTok account though she can be found on YouTube with videos offered in her native language of Portuguese.

Jasmine Davis

Jasmine is a Mississippi farm girl, through and through, and she oozes Southern pride. Her Instagram profile @thejasminemonroe features plenty of photos of Davis on her own and with others.

She promotes luxury press on nails business account as well at @pressonhoney. She does not appear to have a significant presence on any other social media sites, though chances are that given the attention she’ll get from the show, Davis may become more active by the end of the summer.

Michael Bruner

Michael Bruner has a modest following on Instagram for his profile that is sure to become more popular as the show continues to air. His profile @michaelbruner3 features plenty of family photos including ones with his fiancé and cat.

Bruner instantly came across as a likable person following the first episode. He is also intelligent based on his intellectual contribution to some of the best quotes from the Big Brother 24 season premiere. The only thing fans know about him so far is that Bruner is a 28-year-old attorney from Minnesota and that he and his fiancé live with their three cats.

Joseph Abdin

Joseph abdin from big brother 24

The last-minute cast addition who replaced a previously confirmed cast member, Joseph Abdin will seemingly fit right in with the others. The lawyer and fitness buff is another player with a private Instagram account, which can be found at @abdinjoseph.

All fans know about Joseph, who was added to the cast at the eleventh hour, is that he replaced Marvin Archi, who was scheduled to appear and had to leave for unknown reasons. The Florida native can also be found on LinkedIn where his professional profile lists him as a legal extern for in-house counsel from August 2021 through to January 2022, but the profile does not list an occupation thereafter.

Matthew Turner

A portrait of Matthew from Big Brother 24.

Matthew doesn’t seem to be very active on social media. An Instagram account could not be located for him. With such a common name, it’s also tough to locate more details about him beyond what fans know from his intro video, including that he lives in Massachusetts, runs a thrift store, and at one point traveled and lived in his car.

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, someone claiming to be Turner’s sister called him out for being a “trash person” who bullied her. These claims are yet to be substantiated. Nevertheless, it mars his reputation given that Turner does not appear to have any socials of his own and is unable to comment on the remarks while in the house.

Monte Taylor

The personal trainer has a presence on Instagram @taylord_fit_ where he has over 6,000 followers but hasn’t posted a ton. Most of his posts feature him cooking, eating, or working out, mostly shirtless. Many of his posts are workout videos.

Hailing from Delaware, the 27-year-old also has a single YouTube video where he calls for new clients to get in touch if they are looking to get in shape. He does not appear to have any social media accounts beyond those.

Nicole Layog

Nicole Layog from big brother 24

With the Instagram handle @thebutchergoddess11, Nicole Layog describes herself in her profile as she did in her intro on the show: as a former police officer who has now decided to follow her passion and works as a private chef. Interestingly, one thing to know about the cast of Big Brother 24 is that Layog does not plan to reveal her past career to the houseguests, potentially hoping to play a similar game to former winner and law enforcement officer Derrick Levasseur.

Her account, however, is private so fans will have to request to follow her to see photos and updates should they so choose. Her professional website doesn’t have much information and does not indicate any other social media profiles. She does, however, have a Facebook profile though it has not been updated publicly since November 2021.

Paloma Aguilar

Paloma Aguilar can be found on Instagram at @paloma.angeliki where she posts about her passions for fashion, fitness, real estate, and interior design. She also promotes her private professional Instagram account at @theremodelinggirl.

She has plenty of bikini photos, images out and about with friends, and lots of posed fashion and fitness photos. Aguilar does not appear to be on any other social media sites publicly though chances are that will change as her public popularity climbs from the show.

Taylor Hale

taylor hale from big brother 24

The model and beauty expert surprisingly has her Instagram account locked, but for those hoping that might change once the season is in full swing, she can be followed at @thetaylormack.

The 27-year-old from Michigan who works as a personal stylist doesn’t seem to be very active on social media, on the whole. She has, however, made a name for herself as Miss Michigan USA 2021, which makes it even more surprising that she isn’t more public online anywhere.

Terrance Higgins

Terrance Higgins from season 24 of big brother

Terrance’s Instagram account is private at @showtime616, though it appears he’s much more active than other houseguests with over 2,300 posts and 1,200 followers. The oldest houseguest of the season, the 47-year-old bus operator by day and karaoke DJ by night is convinced that he will be able to keep up with the younger players.

He also has a profile on Facebook under the user name Terrance ShowTime Higgins. There isn’t any information beyond a post promoting the 24th season of the show and his appearance on it, however. Higgins’ DJ mixes can also be found on MixCloud under DJ Showtime.

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