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When Dana White appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and recalled the story of getting assaulted in a bar

Dana White with UFC commentator Joe Rogan

During his younger days, Dana White often landed himself in trouble. From being threatened by a mobster to getting assaulted by a trio of goons, the 51-year-old went through the mill before becoming the president of a multi-billion dollar organization.

White appeared as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2013 and he looked back on the time when he got ‘jumped’ by three men at a bar in Boston.

They brutally assaulted him for straight 20 minutes until the police came to the rescue.

“When I was 21-year-old, I lived in Boston and I got jumped one night at this bar. And these dudes beat the living s**t out me for about a good twenty minutes until the police came.

“At one point, I remember I was on one knee and this fu****g guy must have punched me in this (left) ear a thousand times. I was getting kicked and hit from all kinds of different directions. The guys were from Charlestown, I’m lucky I didn’t get stabbed. I’m lucky I just got the s**t beat out of me,” Dana White said.

Following the violent attack, White claimed that his ear ‘rang’ for months before doctors determined that he’s suffering with permanent hearing loss as a result of the incident.

Dana White was later diagnosed with Meniere’s disease

The repeated beating on Dana White’s left ear led to him being diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, a disorder which causes extreme dizziness and hearing loss.

Meniere’s disease usually affects the inner part of one of the two ears, and it often leads to episodes of vertigo, where you feel like you’re spinning.

Although there is no known cure for Meniere’s disease, White underwent an unreliable surgery to get rid of it, which unfortunately, proved disastrous for the UFC president:

“The fu****g surgery was a complete disaster, so that’s why I’ve been so fu***d up lately. 70 percent of the people it helps, I’m the other 30 percent that went the other way. So now I have almost completely lost the hearing in this ear. My hearing is almost completely gone and I’ve been having attacks every day. The last two days I haven’t had an attack, so it’s been pretty cool,” said Dana White.

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