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Have you ever recorded a ballgame to watch later and then, boom, out of the blue you see the final score somewhere?

Is there a good way to block those spoilers online and on social media? Yes, and no.

You can block spoilers while browsing the internet using the Google or Firefox browser. Search for the browser extension “Spoiler Protection” to block certain keywords. For example, if you don’t want to accidentally see the score from the Oregon-Georgia football game, block the keyword “Oregon.”

When you’re browsing the internet anything with “Oregon” will be blocked out, like a score prediction I posted to Facebook. Once I turn on “Spoiler Protection,” the score is covered in red.

The bad news is that the extension only works using the desktop browser. It won’t prevent the keyword from appearing on your phone.

Twitter allows users to mute keywords in the feed and prevent notifications. Go to your Twitter settings, choose Privacy and Safety, and “mute and block.” Add keywords to be muted. Turn it on forever, for a week or just 24 hours. And you won’t get any notifications or see tweets with the muted keyword.

Facebook introduced a spoiler blocker several years ago but killed it. There’s nothing in the Facebook app to block someone from posting scores and updates.

If you need to avoid the score from the game, or avoid spoilers from a TV show, turn off notifications from any app that might send a pop-up like the ESPN app, Apple News, and Google News.

There are no spoiler-blocking apps in the app stores. At least none that have been updated in the last five years.

The best way to avoid spoilers is to turn off notifications, don’t look at your phone, and maybe put your fingers in your ears.

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