What is the social media star’s real name?

TikTok is the perfect platform for content creators to gain popularity. All kinds of videos can be created on TikTok. With various options for sounds, themes and viral trends – it’s a place where everyone can express their creativity without limits!

All sorts of people have had success becoming influencers on TikTok including the likes of Addison Rae, Bella Poarch, Charli D’Amelio and more. One TikTok user @Malibugoescrazy often takes to the platform to express herself. So, let’s find out more about the social media star, where she’s from to her real name!

Screenshot: TikTok Malibu goes crazy

Meet TikTok user ‘Malibu Goes Crazy’

@malibugoescrazy AKA Malibu’s World is a TikTok account dedicated to a California-based social media star.

The account is doing very well in 2021 as it has a following of 264.5k and 6.6m likes!

Malibu often takes to TikTok to share comedic videos, more serious posts about her emotions and some ‘storytime’ videos which give her followers some details about her life.

In 2020, Malibu filmed a video about how she flew to LA without her parents knowing. She also posts getting ready videos, makeup posts and more.

What is the social media star’s real name?

After investigating @malibugoescrazy’s TikTok account, it looks like her real name is Malika Mohan.

Malika also advertises her Cash App on the TikTok account and writes ’20’, so we can assume that she’s 20 years old. She also features the Pisces symbol in her bio, so she would celebrate her birthday between February 19th and March 20th.

The Bay Area native is also on Instagram @malikamohan but the IG account is privatised.

malibu goes crazy tiktok
Screenshot: TikTok malibu goes crazy

My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix



My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix





Does @malibugoescrazy make money from tiktok?

Given that Malika includes a link in her TikTok bio to a company called ‘The Coldest Water‘, we can assume that she has ‘social media influencer’ status.

The products that @malibugoescrazy links to include water bottles, can coolers, ice packs and pet products. Her username is included in the website page address, so we can assume that she would get a commission from any purchases made through the link.

She also took to TikTok to show herself trying out different TTDeye contact lenses in July 2021 which looks to be another brand that she’s working with!

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