What is a vent book? Viral TikTok trend has users confused

TikTok trends are quick to go viral on the platform and the latest one to make it to the list is a “vent book trend.” If you are wondering what it is, we have got all the details for you!

In the past, TikTok caught the attention of many by making trends like the Adult Swim trend, the beer poster trend, and others famous. Now, some users are giving a glimpse of their personal life through the vent book trend. However, there are others who are not too pleased with it.

What is a vent book?

A vent book is a notebook that one keeps to express their feelings through drawings. Most of the time, people use this book as a means of coping mechanism.

The book also proves to be helpful when one is unable to give their thoughts meaning using words. Some people feel comfortable drawing their thoughts, and for this, many tend to keep a vent book.


Viral TikTok trend explored

If you have been on TikTok lately, you would have noticed that several people have been using the hashtag ‘vent book’ while sharing pages from their respective books.

In fact, some even have tutorials on how to create the book or videos on how to hide one. At the moment, the hashtag has over 18 million views. It is unclear how the trend started. However, it comes as no surprise that it did not take long for other users to jump on the bandwagon.

The trend has also pushed some people into starting a notebook of their own. In fact, several people have been drawing mushrooms and eyes on notebooks as they seem convinced that is what a vent book is for. In reality, these have no connections to the real meaning behind these notebooks.


Why has this trend has been receiving backlash?

As mentioned above, vent books are usually used as a coping technique. Some users have expressed their disappointment towards the trend as they believe it makes light of an important mental health issue.


One user wrote: “I have had a vent book for years bc my therapist recommended it to me and the fact that it’s a trend now makes me wanna boil someone alive.”

Another added: “Sharing your vent book defeats the whole purpose. Please don’t make it a trend.” Meanwhile, another user expressed similar thoughts as the comment read: “Warning!! This is not an aesthetic and shouldn’t be one. This is used for people who need to let out all of their feelings.”

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TikTok – Walking Creativity Trailer





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