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WARP Records reissue legendary album Artificial Intelligence – News

WARP Records have announced that legendary compilation album ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will be reissued.

Available from December 9 2022 celebrating three decades since the release, the album will be available to purchase on vinyl for the first time since the original pressing.

The album featured early and rare tracks from the Dice Man, an old moniker of Aphex Twin, Up! (Richie Hawtin), Speedy J, Autechre, B12 as alias Musicology, The Orb (as Alex Paterson) and more.

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‘Artificial Intelligence’ was a crucial album in the development of the genre that would later be known as Intelligent Dance Music (IDM), which artists like Aphex Twin and Autechre have since become synonymous with.

The original album was the first in the Artificial Intelligence series, which also featured other influential LPs including ‘Electro-Soma’ by B12, ‘Incunabula’ by Autechre, ‘Bytes’ by Black Dog Productions, ‘Ginger’ by Speedy J and another compilation album ‘Artificial Intelligence II’.

Repressed on black wax, the album has been re-cut by Beau Thomas, and the sleeve has been redesigned by The Designers Republic.

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Rooted in dance music of the late 1980s and early 1990s, IDM as a genre is commonly associated with experimental, intricate rhythms and soundscapes that blend ambient, industrial and electronic elements. Other artists often associated with the style include Squarepusher and Boards of Canada.

In September this year, Aphex Twin (real name Richard D. James), launched a new free-to-use app with Dave Griffiths called Samplebrain, which chops up and mashes together different samples, building on the technology of music identification app Shazam.

See the full ‘Artificial Intelligence’ tracklist below:

A1. The Dice Man – ‘Polygon Window’

A2. Musicology – ‘Telefone 529’

A3. Autechre – ‘Crystal’

A4. I.A.O – ‘The Clan’

A5. Speedy J – ‘De-Orbit’

B1. Musicology – ‘Premonition’

B2. UP! – ‘Spiritual High’

B3. Autechre – ‘The Egg’

B4. Dr Alex Paterson – ‘Loving You Live’

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