Viral Video: This Cute Little Boy is Angry For Not Getting a Burger, Says ‘Bhukha He Rahunga’

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New Delhi: An adorable video of a grumpy little boy throwing tantrums for not getting a burger is going widely viral across social media platforms now. The video is going viral after it was shared by one user named Mohammed Futurewala on his Twitter handle with the caption, “Burger ke liye itni narazgi bhi theek nahi ..”. In the video, the chubby little kid can be seen talking to a woman who is most likely behind the lens and making the video of the adorable conversation between her and the boy who is angry for not being given a burger. The super-adorable boy is so angry at her that he asks her not to talk to him and turns away his face.


The viral video begins with the kid saying, “Mere se baat nhi karo“. And when the woman says, “Bhai toh chodho nah tum nahi khao na burger mai he kha lungi sirf tum dekh lena mereko sirf. To this the boy replies, “Mai burger bhi nhi dekhunga, sahi hai?” and gives such an angry yet sad look to the woman and continues to say, “Tum apna burger jaldi se khaa lena mai nahi khaunga, Sahi hai?”

And towards the end of the video, when the woman says him to ask for money from his dad for ordering a burger, the kid says, “Nahi mere se baat he nahi karo, mera order he nahi karo tum, kuch bhi nahi khana, bhukha he rahunga” and walks out of the room as we can hear the woman giggling in the background.

The video has received around 34K views, over 2300 likes, and 265 retweets and hundreds of comments from people who called the kid super cute and many even wanted to order a burger for the kid.

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