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Viral Video: Land Rises Above Water in Haryana, Leaves Netizens Stunned

a body of water: Screenshots from the video of land rising in Haryana.

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Screenshots from the video of land rising in Haryana.

A shocking video is going viral on social media where a part of land can be seen abruptly rising above a river. The peculiar video is from Haryana. A bystander who saw this phenomenon after it had been raining recorded this on his phone.

Some men can be heard speaking in Haryanvi in the background of the video. “Ye dekho, zameen kis tarah uthan lag rahi hai bhai. Naya tajurba (See this, how the land is rising. New experience),” the man filming the incident could be heard saying.

In the video, land that was submerged underwater can be seen suddenly rising a few feet above the water and collapsing.

Watch the viral video below:

The video, that first surfaced on Facebook, has gone viral with more than six million views and 61k likes. Netizens were stunned to watch the video and had a lot of theories as to why the bizarre phenomenon might have happened.

Some users said the land might have risen due to tectonic plate movements. Another commented saying, “Not really due to tectonic activity, but methane trapped in the earth gets released getting the wet layer to form a bubble, that is what seems to be happening here.”

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