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Viral Video: How Americans reacted to eating the desi favourite ‘Hajmola’

Key Highlights

  • The video was created by a YouTube page called ‘Our Stupid Reactions.’

  • The page got a bunch of Americans together to try ‘Hajmola’. First they explained to them what it was then they were made to try it.

  • It went viral and garnered over 75,000 views on YouTube.

For any desi growing up in any part of the world, ‘Hajmola’ is a term that brings them back home. The digestive pills with the spicy test are an absolute favourite among so many of us in the community. We cannot even do without them now. 

It is only recently that ‘Hajmola’ went global. Now, several countries are recognizing this and understanding why we like it so much. An example of this is a bunch of Americans who tried this out. Their reactions were compiled to make a video that has now gone viral. 

A group was brought together in front of the camera by a YouTube page called ‘Our Stupid Reactions.’ First, they were told about what it actually is. One of the members actually thought that this is Mexican while another one stated that it is filled with ‘seasonings.’ 

Then, the time comes to taste it. As soon as they pop the pill into their mouth, the spice really gets to them as they are trying to get used to its ‘funky’ taste. Some were able to tolerate the spices while there were many who found it a tad bit overwhelming. 

Shared on YouTube, the video went viral for all the right reasons. Since shared on July 4, it amassed 76,914 views on the video-sharing application alone. It has been shared on other social media platforms as well. 

Desi netizens had a gala time in the comments section. Along with enjoying their reactions, they gave suggestions as well like ‘chawanprash’ and Hajmola’s ‘tamarind version.’

Here’s hoping we get more such videos. 

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