Viral TikTok Video of Lowe’s Employee Leads to Resignation

After a TikTok video of him struggling to retrieve a large box went viral earlier this month, a Lowe’s employee in Louisiana resigned from his position on February 17th.

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The video, which Business Insider reports had nearly four million views as of Friday, shows the employee atop a store lift attempting to bring the box down from a high shelf. The box presses against the person’s head, neck, and chest. While a second employee can be heard encouraging the struggling coworker, a third warns, “that’s not a good idea.”

The object eventually tilts and pushes the employee into the railing, causing him to scream for help. The video sparked concern and criticism online, pushing Lowe’s to take “prompt action.” However, the company has not provided details on the action it took or whether additional training was provided in operating the lift.

The unnamed employee cited safety reasons for his resignation. According to a family member, the object was a set of Allen and Roth patio chairs weighing about 120 pounds, and when the load shifted, the mechanical lift shut off. The employee panicked.

Lowe’s spokesman Larry Costello stated that the company values the safety of its employees and customers and that the actions in the video are contrary to the company’s training. Lowe’s did not comment on the employee’s resignation.

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