Viral Jellyfish Haircut Trends On Social Media, Internet Divided

Viral Jellyfish Haircut Trends On Social Media, Internet Divided

Nicole Kidman recently donned the haircut for her latest magazine shoot.

A new mullet-style haircut known as the “jellyfish bob” is now taking over social media. First popularised on Tiktok, the haircut is a mix between mullet and a bowl cut. The style is named for its stark resemblance to the shape of a jellyfish, featuring two sharply cut layers. While the outer layer of the hair is shaped into a short bob, the inner layer remains long. 

At first glance, the hairstyle may look odd. But after a few takes, it definitely makes for one of the most uniquely bold styles. Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman also recently donned the haircut for her latest magazine shoot. 

Take a look below: 

Ms Kidman’s version of the look was styled pin straight, with the top section bluntly cut at chin length. The rest of her hair was left to flow down her back and to her side, with very subtle layers added throughout for some texture. 

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There are several different iterations of the cut, and the style can be made to be more dramatic with two blunt layers or more subdued with blended layers. The jellyfish haircut is on track to be the most eye-catching hairstyle of 2022. According to Bustle magazine, #jellyfishhaircut has garnered over seven million views on Tiktok. 

Separately, the trend is also catching up on other social media platforms. The unique style has become popular because it works for all genders and hair types. 

One user wrote, “I got a jellyfish haircut but as a pixie cut and my coworker calls the little hairs on each side of my head “tentacles” and I love it so much.” Another said, “I’d do It in a second if Bob liked short hair. I love this cut so much.”

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However, not everyone on social media is convinced. On Twitter, one user wrote, “Do i love or hate the jellyfish haircut i genuinely cant tell im having a crisis and also there are scissors dangerously close.” Another said, “scrap the whole jellyfish cut, i realised it looked.. not nice .-. (long hair wise)”. “There’s literally no one think this haircut looks good on me in my town,” added third. 

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