Using TikTok for Your Travel Business

You have learned the best methods to create Instagram reels for your business, now it’s time to learn about Tik Tok. Now you might be thinking: Tik Tok is a young person’s game. This is not true. Like Instagram and Facebook, Tik Tok is becoming more and more of a tool that travel entrepreneurs should consider adding to their belt.

Short-form video is a great tool to share valuable messages and deals with your clients. Many get their information from quick short-form videos as more and more social platforms try to emulate Tik Tok. While the technology might be intimidating for some, getting started is easy. Melissa Mackey, CEO of Travel Chicks, is back for another MasterAdvisor session with TMR to talk about why all travel advisors and entrepreneurs should be using Tik Tok as one of their many channels to find leads and eventually make bookings.

The episode is sponsored by ALG Vacations. 

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