Update on Hays High School and Addressing Social Media Concerns

Hays High School families were informed in an email on Friday, Sept. 1, that paramedics were called to the campus due to a student with a medical emergency. Tim Savoy, chief communications officer of Hays CISD, sent the email on behalf of Principal Tina Salazar.T here was no threat to anyone on campus and everyone is safe, the email stated.

As a follow up to the original email, Savoy sent the following late on Friday night in response to the social media concerns.

Dear Hays Hawks and our Greater Hays CISD Family,

As is our normal practice in keeping parents informed; this morning, we sent a message to Hays High School to address a hold in place that was activated because first responders were on campus. In this case, our message was to notify the campus and parents that a student was having a medical emergency and that there was no active threat underway. The hold in place allowed us to keep the halls cleared for the paramedics who arrived at a time the halls would ordinarily be crowded during a passing period.

Thank you to everyone on social media who has expressed concern for the student. I am happy to report the student is recovering tonight. We won’t say anything more about a specific student’s medical condition because we can’t and it would be wrong. Medical information related to an individual, easily identifiable student is not ours to share publicly. That information belongs to the family.

There are rumors abound regarding the hays high school incident as a potential overdose. That is understandable because of the emphasis the district is placing recently on fentanyl in our area. Next week, as we continue our discussions with you about fentanyl, we will provide a general update on the fentanyl crisis as it relates to Hays CISD. We are also hopeful that the first of our educational videos will be ready to release and we will share those with you. Separate and apart from the rumors regarding Hays High School, our message remains the same – fentanyl is in our area and it is incredibly dangerous. We have resources and reporting mechanisms on a special webpage we created and we continue to encourage you to visit that page to take advantage of the information provided:

Monday is a holiday for students and staff, and Tuesday is a holiday for students. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone back on Wednesday and we will go from there. Have a good weekend and thank you for being involved and concerned. That’s what sets us apart from many districts – we have an active and caring community.


Tim Savoy

This is all the information we have at this time. As more information becomes available, the Hays Free Press will update the public.

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