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Unidentified, unmarked drone crashes in Russia’s Tula Oblast

Unidentified drone crashes in Russia’s Tula Oblast

Unidentified drone crashes in Russia’s Tula Oblast

The regional authorities said the UAV “without identification marks and departmental affiliation” was found in a field, far from residential buildings.

The committee said that security services are working on the spot, there is no threat to the safety of the population and infrastructure.

The distance between these settlements and Moscow is about 250 kilometers.

This is not the first case of detection of drones of unknown origin near Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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An explosion took place in the Kireyev district of Tula Oblast on March 2, and one of the theories being considered is that it was caused by a drone crash. However, this has not been officially verified yet.

Russia was hit by multiple drone attacks on Feb. 28, and one of the drones crashed near the Gazprom gas compressor station in the Moscow suburbs, approximately 100 kilometers away from the city.

On the same day, 200 square kilometers of airspace over St. Petersburg and its surrounding region were closed for several hours because of an “unknown flying object.”

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