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Two NFT Projects Backed by Animoca Brands Partner to Achieve Cross-Metaverse Compatibility


The Warena NFT-based metaverse, backed by Animoca brands, has entered into partnership with the Illuvium project, according to today’s Medium post. The aim of the integration, which is set to take place in two stages, is to achieve full cross-chain compatibility and provide players of both platforms with asset migration opportunities.

The first phase of the partnership, as announced by Warena, will give players a chance to stockpile in-game resources and NFT assets. The second phase foresees cross-game integration, which will make in-game asset and character migration possible, essentially merging the Warena and Illuvium metaverses.

The current metaverse market is highly fragmented, in spite of the possibilities granted by NFT technologies for using such assets across chains. Warena and Illuvium seek to tap into the underlying core unification potential of NFTs and break down the boundaries preventing metaverses from making use of each other’s potential. The integration of cross-platform compatibility will allow players to teleport their assets across metaverses and capitalize on the bolstered value of NFTs.

The Warena project is a Play-to-Earn concept metaverse in which players create unique characters and engage in combat with other players across a variety of digital universes. The availability of an internal marketplace and the ability to create unique NFTs allows players to monetize on their content and actions that contribute to the development of the Warena metaverse. The project has recently closed a successful $1.5 million funding round, spearheaded by such investors as ​​Genesis Builders, DAOMaker, Momentum 6, Master Ventures, Animoca, Clovers Ventures and others.

Both Warena and Illuvium received support from big investment funds and industry players. The latter completed the $5 million investment round in March. Illuvium is known for its four-dimensional-shading holographic NFTs for creating Illuvials – fantasy creatures that roam the world and can be captured and leveled-up to gain special powers and abilities. Players can sell their creatures on exchanges for ETH. The project has also announced plans to launch a DAO to empower the community with governance functions and create a self-sustaining ecosystem.


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