Two Crewe police officers could get fired after posting ‘inappropriate’ TikTok videos

CREWE, Va. (WRIC) — Two Crewe police officers are facing termination after posting what the police chief is calling inappropriate videos on the social media platform TikTok.

Monday evening, the Crewe Town Council had a hearing allowing those officers to tell their side of the story.

A little over a dozen people were out at the Crewe Police Department in support of those officers Monday, saying those inappropriate videos shouldn’t be cause enough to fire them.

A little over a dozen Crewe citizens voiced their concerns at a public hearing for two officers facing termination on Monday. (Photo: 8News reporter Sabrina Shutters)

Caleb Lafferty and Rondell White are facing termination from the police department, even though they told 8News they took the “inappropriate” videos down months ago when the previous police chief asked them to.

“The termination is a little excessive,” Lafferty told 8News in an interview Monday.

The officers said new Police Chief Alfredo Ferrer implemented a new social media policy and said the videos violated it. At Monday’s hearing, one Crewe citizen told 8News the Farmville police chief is the one who alerted the Crewe police chief of the videos.

“The way things are happening right now with, I guess, racism and everything, we’re trying to show people that, you know, different cultures can come together, we can have fun, we can have, you know, a little dark humor,” White said.

A Blackstone native, who wanted to remain anonymous said the officers’ TikTok videos contained racial content. “If you have, like, friends that are people of color, why would you want to bring them in a skit that involves the KKK or make jokes that involve like racial content or slurs? That’s just weird to me.”

Crewe resident Alex Trim was at the protest Monday and gave his opinion on the situation.

“I hate to see us lose two police officers who care so much about this community over something as foolish as making comedy videos,” he said.

At a hearing Monday, town manager Brian Thrower quickly shut down questions from media and the public after 8News and residents asked why there wasn’t much public notice for the hearing.

When asked why 8News was notified only about a half an hour before the public hearing began, Thrower said, “we follow state procedures on notifications.”

After Crewe resident Chris Page asked Thrower why the public wasn’t given the required 3-day notice, Thrower quickly said, “that’s all the questions we’re going to take right now,” and exited the building.

Page told 8News he is a Freedom of Information Act advocate and plans to file an intent to sue Tuesday over not having proper notice for the meeting.

The town council took no action Monday and are allowing the officers to find an attorney before the next hearing. The officers will remain on paid administrative leave until then.

If those officers are terminated, that will leave the town of Crewe with two police officers.

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