Twitter will now respect your Galaxy phone’s dark mode setting

Last updated: October 14th, 2021 at 00:43 UTC+02:00

Most Android phones come with a system-wide dark mode these days, and many, many third-party apps come with a dark theme to make reading easier and to reduce battery usage on devices with AMOLED screens. Many apps let the user select between a light theme and a dark theme and also have the option to just follow the system-wide dark mode setting on a phone, but others only let you manually switch between a dark and a light theme.

Twitter is one of the popular apps that falls in the latter camp, or at least it did: Twitter has now received an update that adds a “use device settings” option for its dark mode feature. This option has gone live in the app for many Android users in the last couple of days, including users of Samsung Galaxy phones, and is being heralded as an important addition to the app, which we would have to agree with.

To select whether dark mode in the Twitter app is always on, always off, or follows your device setting, simply tap on your profile pic in the app, select Settings and privacy, tap Accessibility, display, and languages, select Display, then go into the Dark mode menu. If you don’t see the new “use device settings” option, try updating the Twitter app from the Google Play Store.

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