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Twitter Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces Testing

Learning from the recent success of OnlyFans, Twitter is now also offering its own paywall services allowing various users to create exclusive content for their followers.

The new services come in the form of two different features: Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces. Super Follows will give users the choice to charge their followers $3 USD, $5 USD or $10 USD a month in order to access exclusive content hidden behind a paywall, while Ticketed Spaces will cover a range from $1 USD to $999 USD and those who pay will be able to access the user’s social audio room, similar to that of Clubhouse. Initially, 97 percent of the money earned from these two services will go directly back to the users, although the social media platform will increase their cut from three percent to 20 percent once a user brings in a total of $50,000 USD across both features.

For those interested in trying these out, Twitter has now opened applications to select a small group of users to test Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces. The former will be limited only to iOS devices, but the latter is available on both iOS and Android. Users in the U.S. can now apply through Twitter’s mobile app.

Elsewhere in tech, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri has further explained how the platform’s algorithm works.

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