Twilight Fans Light Up Social Media as Series Comes to Netflix

Twilight is on Netflix and fans of the series are absolutely freaking out on social media. When news started to spread about the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson films being easy to stream, hype began to mount. (Don’t worry Taylor Lautner hive, I didn’t forget about Sharkboy.) As streaming has entered its current phase, days like today have become almost routine. You have to chase your favorites around the different platforms and keep track of where they are. Movie fans usually rejoice when they get posted to eponymous services like Netflix and Hulu. (Both of them are elder statesmen of the streaming landscape at this point.) Twilight itself is so old that we’re in a period of early-Aughts nostalgia for the romantic drama. It must be wild to see so many young fans actively discovering both the book series and these movies so far down the line.’s Jenna Anderson spoke to former Tumblr trends expert Amanda Brennan about he wildly popular movie series and its enduring legacy.

“We’ve been looking at trends through the pandemic, and in the beginning, we saw Twilight really pop off in March and April,” former Tumblr trends expert Amanda Brennan said in 2020. “It’s like that time in 2008, when you were a kid and it was this fantasy that you can dive into. And now, I feel like we’ve been in this Twilight renaissance for a little bit. The new book has come out, and people are really diving into that fantastical element. So we’ll see a lot of “Team Jacob”, “Team Edward” kind of stuff. The kind of things you would have seen on an Angelfire or GeoCities fan-fiction website.”

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