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Turkey Artificial Intelligence Initiative Measures Artificial Intelligence Awareness – BThaber

Turkey Artificial Intelligence Initiative (TRAI), which was established in 2017 to increase awareness of artificial intelligence in Turkey and develop the ecosystem, has published the Artificial Intelligence Awareness Research to measure artificial intelligence awareness across Turkey and reveal the perception of artificial intelligence. To participate in the research immediately, the address is

TRAI, which has more than 185 startups and more than 50 private sector companies in its ecosystem, organizes Turkey Artificial Intelligence Week events and regularly organizes events to raise awareness of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Awareness Research, which is a new study on this path, aims to reach not only people who are interested in artificial intelligence, but all of Turkey. Another purpose of TRAI research is to determine what kind of studies and activities should be done to increase awareness of artificial intelligence, which is the main goal in the light of the research results. In addition to the results to be announced at TR AI Week, the results of the awareness research will also be presented as a report. You can follow the website to get information.


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