Travel Creator Pitch Strategy and Media Kit Used for Free Hotel Stays

  • Brianna Seaberg is a travel creator with 680,000 followers on TikTok and about 18,000 on Instagram.
  • She discussed her top strategies to pitch hotels for a free stay as a creator.
  • She also shared her most recent media kit, which she includes in her email pitches to hotels.

Brianna Seaberg has been on Instagram since its early days.

The 23-year-old creator joined the platform in 2012, when she was in middle school, and has been determined to become a content creator since then.

But her big breakthrough came with the rise of TikTok. By posting content about her college experience and tutorials on how to film popular trend videos, she amassed over 680,000 followers, the bulk of them in 2020.

But while this content was helpful to build an audience, she decided her aim was to build a career based on travel content. For that, her main platform has been Instagram, where she has about 18,000 followers. She believes the platform is more suited to her niche — users on Instagram are looking to be aspirational and find “escapes from reality,” she told Insider.

Since then, she’s been able to partner with big brands like Amazon, Netflix, and Dunkin’, as well as a number of boutique hotels in Italy, Greece, and Florida.

She shared some of her top tips to get started as a travel creator and pitch hotels for a free stay.

1. Really curate your content

The first step to successfully present yourself as a travel creator to hotels is to have content on your social-media platforms that is aesthetically pleasing and reflects your niche.

Seaberg has been doing this primarily on her Instagram feed. When she decided she’d focus on creating travel content, she archived her old posts and started mindfully curating her feed.

“I was not sharing photos with my friends or of me doing random activities anymore,” she said. “I made sure to curate my feed based on my travel experiences, whether those travel experiences had been this year or multiple years ago. Having that look of a whole collection of beautiful travel images is a great start, especially on Instagram.”

To build the legitimacy of her travel brand, she created a website where she publishes travel guides and hotel reviews, and where she sells merch and digital products.

2. Clearly outline what you’re asking for and what you can deliver

Including specific details can be a good way to save time and be up front with the hotel you’re pitching.

Offering user-generated content that the hotel will have the right to repost on their accounts has been the most successful way to land a free stay for Seaberg.

In her pitch emails, Seaberg includes how many images and videos the hotel will have the rights to and which platforms they will be published on. She also offers a dedicated post on her blog, content on Instagram stories, and reviews on Google and TripAdvisor.

This strategy has been helpful in getting responses — which can be hard because hotel emails are usually generic. Seaberg follows up by sending direct messages on Instagram or Facebook if her emails go unanswered, and she’ll even try calling the hotels directly.

Having a strong, attention-grabbing subject line on your email also helps, she said. Seaberg emphasizes the size of her audience across platforms, with a subject like: “730,000 Followers Social Media Collaboration.”

3. Pitch smaller, boutique hotels

Seaberg recommends pitching smaller, boutique hotels that are in the mid-range — three- or four-star establishments. These hotels are the ones that might not have resources to boost their social-media presences. Pitching them an opportunity to get more content can be enticing to them.

On the other hand, bigger chains normally have thousands of guests weekly, which means they also have a near-endless stream of free UGC that they can repurpose on their social-media accounts.

4. Attach a media kit

A key element of Seaberg’s pitching strategy is her media kit, which includes information about herself, her previous brand collaborations, and examples of her content.

She makes sure that the media kit actually reflects the type of content that she is currently posting on social media, with her specific style and aesthetic, in order to be recognizable. 

Read the 4-page media kit Seaberg uses to pitch hotels and brands for collaboration:

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