Transitions – Down the rabbit hole: social media

I recently discovered Tic Tok. Don’t even know how I got there, but what a mistake – two hours gone and not enough sleep to face the next morning. I know millions of people use Tic Tok, Facebook and Twitter. I have a Twitter account that my daughter set up for me, but I’ve yet to use it. I’m not on Facebook although both daughters and my husband are.  They are Social Media savvy.  If there’s something they think I would be interested in, they let me know – that’s how I like it.

My husband uses it to keep up with his over 30 first cousins and their kids. He also spends time getting the word out about renewable energy and nuclear power. He’s a Principal Nuclear Engineer at Argonne Lab and served on a nuclear submarine. You can probably guess his thoughts on the subject, but if you have any doubts you can follow him. He even has a Pocket Protector emoji to let his followers know where on the nerd spectrum his sometimes scientific musings might be. Zero (plain English) to five (differential equations) pocket protectors, I fall in the zero category. It’s a fun way to communicate with family, friends, colleagues and curious people from around the world.

So, my family uses social media for most of the right reasons, but I just can’t get into it.

The New Yorker Daily recently posted an article titled “How Harmful Is Social Media?” The consensus, “There is a general sense that it’s bad for society—which may be right. But studies offer surprisingly few answers.”

Someday I may dip my toes in the waters, but for right now I’m happy with the old-fashioned way I choose to get my information.  I found Tic Tok and I’m happy to say I’ve lost it.

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