Top 5 NFT Games Aside from Axie Infinity | Crypto Game

(Photo : Screenshot From GodsUnchained Website) Top 5 NFT Games Aside from Axie Infinity | Crypto Game

Play games and earn crypto? The top 5 NFT games aside from Axie Infinity allow players to do just that. Imagine a game where the rewards are crypto which can be traded in for more items or can be exchanged for cold cash, well, we’ve made a list of 5.

Axie Infinity And The Popularity of NFT Games

Axie Infinity has definitely brought the popularity of NFT games to whole new heights as a non-fungible token game that rewards its players cryptocurrency and requires cryptocurrency to play. Players can pass the time and play while earning and trading with crypto in-game. 

With $HEX rising up but other cryptocurrencies remaining quite bearish, it’s interesting to explore the world of NFT. The NFT games below were listed by BlockSocial.

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The Top 5 NFT Games Aside from Axie Infinity


This was one of the earliest blockchain games invented. The game allows users to breed and collect virtual kittens on the Ethereum blockchain. For those that might want to compare this with Axie Infinity, well, CryptoKitties remains extremely popular hitting $30,000 in daily sales according to the data coming from NonFungible.

Once players build their collections, they can go to the KittyVerse to participate in catfights, solve puzzles, and more! Dapper Labs built this game on Ethereum and it was released in November 2017.


Why play fantasy football if you can’t make money for it? Players can switch to Sorare to play their fantasy football games and win prizes for beating other managers. The game works on digital playing card NFTs sort of like real fantasy football.

The cards are also officially licensed and do represent other real-life football players for a particular season. The cards also come in different levels of scarcity namely unique, super rare, and just rare.

‘Gods Unchained’

Another blockchain game where players can earn crypto. The game is led by the former Game Director of the classic ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ known as Chris Clay. For fans of the fabled game, this Ethereum-based game gets players to collect digital cards and battle with other players.

The company got $2.4 million from a number of investors. This includes Coinbase Ventures during its first round of funding back in 2018. By 2019, the game had already made about $4 million in revenue by selling a massive four million collecting cards.

‘F1 Delta Time’

This Ethereum-based NFT game is for true Formula 1 fans. Players will be able to collect different cars, drivers, and other in-game NFTs. The game uses the ERC-20 token as its in-game currency.

‘Evolution Land’

This virtual simulation game exists on a planet that has 26 continents where players have to make use of gold, land, fire, wood, and silicon. There are PVP options and developers have built two different continents, Atlantis, which is Ethereum-based, and Byzantine, which is Tron-based.

The game also relies on good economics as players actually get a 70% share of the game’s profits. The game’s fungible token called KTON allows players voting rights through the DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

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