Toasted ravioli is ‘far superior’ to the TikTok trend #PastaChips

ST. LOUIS – TikTok users are enjoying the #PastaChips trend right now, but what many TikTokkers don’t know is that the original fried pasta is toasted ravioli, a staple of St. Louis life.

Aaron Hutcherson, a food writer for The Washington Post, said toasted ravioli is a “far superior version of fried pasta thanks to its flavorful filling instead of just a mouthful of crunch,” but he is biased because he attended Washington University in St. Louis.

The pasta chips trend is done by cooking different types of pasta al dente and then frying them in an air fryer, stovetop, or baking them. People then use the “chips” to dunk into marinara sauce or Parmesan. Those who have tried the trend have given it mixed reviews.

Hutcherson said toasted ravioli is a better treat because consumers are biting into the beef or cheese-filled pasta instead of just getting a big crunch.

He also said he did the trend at his home and it was a huge mess.

“Would I grab a handful of pasta chips if served them at a friend’s place or out at a restaurant? Gladly. Will I ever make them at home again? Definitely not. But if you still want to try frying pasta at home, I’d point you to toasted ravioli,” Hutcherson said.

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