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Time for a Robot CEO? With advancing Artificial Intelligence?

by Shivani Muthyala

July 19, 2021

Can there be threats and job losses due to a robot CEO?

Back then Alibaba CEO Jack Ma made it to the headlines for proclaiming the arrival of robot CEO. He stated at a conference in China that we are only a few decades away from having robots run our companies. He also predicted in a television interview that it would take 30years, where a robot would get to the cover of Time Magazine. Alibaba is not only the one predicting it but SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son at a Mobile Conference 2017 predicted that machine learning will take over at a great speed by 2047.

The job market will suffer if this is the case with the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence. The report published by Nesta in 2018 predicts that 40 to 60% of job loss would occur due to robotics and artificial intelligence by 2030. This is because companies are turning towards automation in every field and sector.

A robot CEO is different. Since they can work for longer hours without any breaks in between, they are very accurate in terms of output. But when it comes to Human CEO’s they need breaks and also there are chances for miscommunication and errors. Humans are emotional beings, unlike robots which can sometimes affect the efficiency of the work and the environment. In terms of this, a robot CEO can make a huge difference.

Besides this, we also have some pitfalls as a robot CEO does not possess emotional intelligence and it can be difficult to handle people. The other worrisome element is that there are high chances of tampering or hacking since it is computer built and designed. This can in turn lead to many more events that can affect the company in all ways.


Difference Between a Robot CEO and Human CEO

Human CEOs can also have pitfalls such as getting corrupted or being influenced easily. But at the same time, the CEO has freedom and choice to make their own decisions and challenge their obstacles.

But a robot CEO is unlike this, it can be brainwashed with just a click of the button by cyber-attackers. This means the whole of the company’s data and programming is just lost, there is no security to it in any way. The robot CEO cannot take decisions on its own in any way, it has to be again operated or programmed by humans. The Kaspersky Lab researchers feel that a robot CEO can be intriguing, as they come with a lot of concerns that may ruin the company with just a click. Cyber Attackers are pulled towards money and if the robot can get it easily then, they are likely to exploit this situation and grab all the chances of collapsing the company.

For instance, a firmware level attack was seen in 2015 when Kaspersky Labs discovered the Equation Group APT, which was a huge threat that was hard to detect. This threat could attack robots that can perform critical decisions and are capable of influencing them. This can be the greatest challenge to robots.

A robot CEO has both concerns as well as points to back up the arguments, but a biological CEO is always a plus to the company and a robot CEO can assist a human CEO that can collectively uplift the company to great heights.

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