Tim Dillon Baffled By Millions Poured Into Hit Podcasts Like Call Her Daddy



Call Her Daddy, a popular podcast hosted by Alex Cooper recently struck an exclusive deal with Spotify worth $60 million. Joe Rogan’s deal was worth more than $100 million.

Podcaster Tim Dillon thinks Spotify is throwing money away.

“60 million dollars. They’re not gonna make that money back,” Dillon said on the Tim Dillon Show with his guest, the comedian Kunal C. Arora.

“They won’t make six million,” Arora said.

Dillon went on to explain his reasoning, claiming that what makes the podcast lucrative is “the merch, which Barstool still owns.”

The two joked that the closest they’d come to the podcast would be a hat, with Arora adding that he tried to listen to an episode. “I made four seconds in” he said.

“I think the podcast money is getting silly,” Dillon continued, saying he thinks companies will pull back from these massive new deals.

“Spotify likes Rogan, I don’t know if they’re in love with it,” he said, adding that he heard the platform wasn’t in love with Bill SimmonsThe Ringer podcast either.

“They’re just giving people pretend money,” Dillon said.

Joe Rogan signed an exclusive deal with Spotify worth more than 100 million dollars in 2020. The pair discussed Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert, which was also picked up by Spotify for an exclusive deal.

Listen above, via The Tim Dillon Show.

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