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TikTok video calls out man who body-shamed woman on flight

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after calling out a man who body-shamed her during a recent flight. 

Last week, Landen Ewing shared a video of herself to TikTok explaining how she discovered a fellow passenger was writing text messages about her during a recent flight from Nashville. The 23-year-old’s video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times on TikTok and has countless comments after sharing her story. 

According to Ewing, who calls Amarillo, Texas home, she was seated next to a man on a recent flight when she caught a glimpse of his text messages to who she believes was his girlfriend. 

“He has his phone out. Like, way out in front of him where I can see it,” Ewing explained, adding, “And before anyone comes for me for looking at someone’s phone while they’re sitting next to me, everyone does it. If you say you don’t, you’re lying, so shut up.”

Ewing said she was reading the texts when his girlfriend asked how the flight was going. The man replied complaining that his seat was too small and blamed Ewing for his discomfort. 

“He said, ‘Too small with this fat a—- next to me,'” Ewing recalled in disbelief. “He was talking about me.”

Ewing continued by sharing that the girlfriend insinuated she needed to diet without ever seeing her and suggested the man “tell her about keto.”

Ewing said the man’s comments about her weight didn’t stop, and the man continued to complain throughout the flight. 

“You can’t really see the rest of the conversation. But he continued to type out, ‘I’ll be alright. Don’t think we’ll make it off the ground.'”she said, referring to a photo of the man’s texts. “He continued to text about how fat I was and how he hates being on small flights with fat people.”

Ewing ended her story with a message to whoever was the recipient of the man’s text messages.

“So, if you’re his wife or girlfriend and you see this,” she said, “your boyfriend sucks!” 

Ewing’s post was met with comments, criticizing the man on the flight for body-shaming her. However, many also pointed out that he was possibly lying to his girlfriend on purpose so that she wouldn’t “feel insecure knowing he’s actually sitting next to a hot, thin, blonde woman.”

“You’re gorgeous. Sounds like he’s been in trouble with his girlfriend before and that had nothing to do with you,” one TikTok user commented. “But I’m sorry you had to read that.”

“He totally thought you were hot and didn’t want his girlfriend to know that he was sitting next to someone attractive. Yikes,” added another.

“No, sis. He thought you were beautiful and his girlfriend is so insecure that she doesn’t trust him,” someone else wrote, while another added. “I think he wrote that because he probably has a jealous girlfriend.”

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