TikTok Star Rory Teasley Reportedly Dies Over A Video Game

Teasley built a following on TikTok based on his earnestness and charm. His dancing skills were notably on point, and many fans followed him to see him bust a move. It’s difficult to describe the variety of content Teasley shared online, but his body of work is a good representation of how content creators have to diversify their offerings while still staying true to their overall message and personality. Teasley managed to do a lot of things in his 28 years, and he shared many parts of himself online. He was a skilled rapper, and often posted freestyles on his YouTube and TikTok. He also dabbled in trending video formulas that still felt true to him. For example, Teasley posted a mukbang video of him and his friends eating a spread of seafood. While mukbangs weren’t his usual content, the video felt personal, like an intimate look at friends instead of something more performative.

Police concluded that Watkins killed Teasley after their argument, choking him to death. On Twitter, one commenter noted that Teasley is sadly not the first social media star to die “at the hands of romantic partners,” likely referring to Gabby Petito, who disappeared in 2021 and was later found dead. Another commenter weighed in on the senseless nature of the tragedy, adding, “I also can’t believe how many murders I’ve heard about that stemmed from arguments over video games. I truly cannot imagine being so angry over an imaginary image on my TV screen that I would want to kill a loved one.” Officials shared a similar sentiment in their report on the case.

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