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TikTok Resumes — Joe Rogan Drama — Sun Valley Elite

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1. TikTok launched “TikTok Resumes” in an attempt to be Gen Z’s LinkedIn. The pilot program will allow users to apply for jobs with major companies like Chipotle, Target, and Shopify — just by uploading a short video. Here’s how it works.

2. A-list guests continue to descend upon Sun Valley for the annual Allen & Co. conference. The conference, a breeding ground for blockbuster deals, lures some of the biggest names in tech, media, and finance. See who’s been spotted so far.

3. Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast is sparking outrage inside Spotify. Some employees are irritated by Spotify’s largely hands-off approach — and others say he’s making the company so much money it refuses to rein him in. Read more from our exclusive report. 

4. Trump is suing Facebook, Google, Twitter, and their CEOs. The suits come after social media platforms banned him following the Jan. 6 riot. Everything we know so far.

5. Tencent will use facial recognition to stop kids from playing video games at night. Dubbed “Midnight Patrol,” the system will enforce a rule China introduced to prevent minors from playing video games between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. This is what you need to know.

6. Wise’s direct listing turned its two cofounders into billionaires. The money-transfer firm went public in London on Wednesday, at a valuation of $11 billion. More on the listing here.

7. Elon Musk is heading to court to defend Tesla’s acquisition of his cousins’ solar panel company. Tesla shareholders, who filed the suit, claimed the acquisition amounted to a bailout of the company. If Musk loses, it could cost him $2 billion. More on that here.

8. Restaurants are hiring robots instead of people who are demanding higher pay. After months of waiting for workers to rejoin the labor force, some businesses are fed up — and turning to automated help instead. Get the full rundown here.

9. Andy Jassy is already making his mark as Amazon’s new CEO. Though his tenure only started on Monday, Jassy has already made additions to the executive “S-team” and ordered a slew of SVP promotions. Check out his biggest moves so far. 

10. Google’s “court jester” cartoonist quit the company because he’s so frustrated. After more than a decade of poking fun at Google, Manu Cornet is leaving. He shares why his latest book of cartoons is “a lot more critical” of the tech giant.

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