TikTok Encouraged Me To Make A Pinterest Board Of My Friend

Some of the keywords Kelsey used: “kpop idols,” “sunlit pics,” “european tumblr.”

I was surprised by how much I loved doing this! I figured it would be a cute, fun thing to do with my friend, but it felt highly flattering to see her capture me in such an aspirational way — especially because she pretty much nailed the aesthetic I try to embody online. Some parts of the joy were also in the little details; even though she knows nothing about K-pop, Kelsey picked out some of my favorite idols solely based on vibes. There’s also an unexpected practicality aspect. When I shop, I want to be able to consult this little personality mood board that Kelsey curated for me! “I’m using this for interior design,” Kelsey said of hers, which caused another bout of gleeful squealing from me.

If you have a friend you want to do this with, I highly recommend it. I feel perceived!

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