TikTok Adds New Live Events Features

TikTok is expanding its live-streaming features with scheduled events, live Q&A panels, and live co-streaming to more creators.

TikTok is improving its live-stream options in an effort to advance functionality ahead of the launch of a live shopping feature, something it’s been working on in close collaboration with brand partners since last year. eCommerce is a key focus for the app, as it’s working hard to boost its monetization tools.

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Events can now be scheduled by creating an event card for the upcoming stream, which can be shared on TikTok and other platforms, as well as being promoted. To be reminded of an upcoming scheduled event, users can tap the ‘Register’ CTA for an in-app reminder.

Furthermore, TikTok users over 16 years old with more than 1,000 followers can now do co-hosted live-streaming events. Creators with more than 5,000 followers have already been enjoying the feature for some time, however, TikTok is now changing this requirement – and all users are now able to add guests to their stream.


Check out LIVE Events’ new features with @tpain and discover how to be there when it happens.

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Finally, TikTok is also allowing more ways for creators to engage with their audience by updating its Q&A overlay on-screen. Until now, viewers could only ask questions in the comments section on most channels, as Q&A was only available for selected creators.

The new feature brings more options for streamers to engage with their audience.

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