Tigerhall challenges Masterclass, Udemy and LinkedIn Learning by giving managers and their teams bite-sized insights directly from 800+ global experts

  • Tigerhall, a mobile Saas platform for social learning, challenges existing corporate development programs. It aims to alleviate the pain of corporations stuck with learning 1.0 practices, including desktop first, slides, bulk videos and little to no personalization. What Tigerhall provides is a platform for real world insights and collaboration, similar to that of a social networking platform.
  • Social Learning emphasizes intelligent, actionable knowledge sharing of real time best practices around the world. Tigerhall enables personalization and community building through micro-mentorship and insights from over 800+ (and growing) successful global experts.  
  • Tigerhall has raised US$ 3.1 million from visionary investors such as Sequoia Capital and XA Network. The mobile app today has over 1300 globally relevant pieces of bite-size content including Podcasts, Livestreams, Videos and Power Reads. Enterprise clients using Tigerhall to shift mindsets at scale include Spotify, HP and Cisco.  

SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global social learning app Tigerhall launches in the United States, providing organisations and leaders with a new future-proof tool to grow and develop their most important resource: people. With Tigerhall, enterprises and managers have a scalable, personalized social platform designed specifically to equip teams with hard earned insights from over 800+ globally successful thought leaders, or Thinkfluencers. Tigerhall operates with a core belief that where you come from should never get in the way of where you want to go – and success in today’s competitive business landscape relies on knowledge sharing and community support.

Challenging outdated learning programs for the masses

Consumer habits and learner preferences are evolving, but the upskilling initiatives by corporations are levelling up at a snail’s pace. Tigerhall fills these gaps through:

  • Learning from professionals with real world experience. Although more than half of professionals want to learn from industry leaders, organisations still provide employees with institutions for the masses or expensive external trainers – a majority of whom lack real world insights. With Tigerhall, professionals will pick up insights from a fast-growing network of C-suite leaders and industry experts such as Ted Osius (the former US Ambassador to Vietnam and VP of Public Policy at Google), Zarina Lam Stanford (Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at Rackspace Technology) and Roger Fisk (a longtime Obama aide).
  • Development that’s worth your time. Organisations are still using e-learning via internal LMS systems only available on work laptops instead of optimizing towards mobile-first preferences. Tigerhall addresses the growing demands of the attention economy as professionals only set aside 24 minutes per week to learn. Within the Tigerhall app are micro-podcasts, videos and live streams. Content is 15 minutes on average, and is commonly layered on top of routine activities like taking a shower or going for a jog.
  • Personalized development over content for the masses. The one-size-fits-all format driven from the top down by organizations isn’t updating quickly enough to the rapidly-changing upskilling needs. Tigerhall lets leaders assign Trails, or curated journeys, based on relevant upskilling areas such as leadership development, digital transformation or sales enablement. Managers can track and analyse individual and group progress, open discussions, assign micro-mentorship and tackle performance issues through actionable next steps. The sheer speed in which managers can upskill their teams is a significant upgrade from other professional development programs such as MBAs, which takes years to add a new topic in their curriculum.

How Tigerhall stands out from the rest

A recent report revealed that professionals can only afford to dedicate 1% of a typical work week towards training and development, or 24 minutes a week. Other learning platforms ignore the TikTok affect, where people want quicker forms of content on the go.

  • Masterclass classes take two to five hours each.
  • LinkedIn Learning certificates take as long as 27 hours to complete.
  • Udemy courses consist of videos taking more than three hours each.

Tigerhall users spend 43 minutes per week learning, nearly double the average time professionals usually take. Teams can learn about innovation via Micro-Podcasts by the Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft, inclusive leadership in a Livestream with the former Chief Executive Officer of Nestle Nutrition and pick up career insights in a quick video with a senior adviser from Boston Consulting Group.

“What we are seeing in the professional development space today is a sad state of affairs. Consumer behaviours and business best practices have evolved tremendously in recent times but a majority of the tools provided are unengaging, uninspiring and offer more yawns than eureka moments,” said Nellie Wartoft, CEO of Tigerhall. “We’re not about wasting your time or money on content meant for the masses. Tigerhall will allow leaders and managers to take full control of their team’s growth instead of relying on the obsolete products given by their organisations. We can expect engagement rates to soar with the personalization and relevancy of social learning, and the results of this will be reflected in the success and performances of the team and the organization.”

Tigerhall is now laser focused on growing their U.S. Thinkfluencer base by adding 10-15 new experts a week and rolling out new social features soon such as forums, micro-mentorships and self-authoring tools for Thinkfluencers. They are also expanding Enterprise and Manager features to offer further personalization and curating company specific knowledge such as onboarding trails for new hires and sales enablement expertise from internal leaders.

C-suite executives and people leaders can shift mindsets at scale in their organisation by signing up for Tigerhall for Enterprise.

Team managers can directly scale team development by signing up for Tigerhall for Teams and add unlimited team members in a limited free trial.

About Nellie Wartoft

Beating records, challenging the status quo and levelling up how the world achieves success – these drive Tigerhall CEO Nellie Wartoft throughout her life.

Nellie’s ambition to innovate how professionals upskill stems from her experiences in university, and in recruitment. Time after time, she saw candidates struggle to get dream jobs because they didn’t have the relevant skills needed from their educational investments. She challenges mass education formats that fail to prepare future leaders for success in the real world. With social learning, she’s confident that traditional corporate learning programmes, which give leaders more yawns than eureka moments, will be obsolete over the next decade.

And this is exactly what has culminated into her starting Tigerhall, a mobile Saas platform for social learning revolutionising how professionals learn from one another. To address how unengaging existing corporate learning tools are, Tigerhall mirrors the engagement and micro content experience of social networks like TikTok, but emphasizes intelligent insights and actionable knowledge sharing of real time best practices around the world. With many professionals still offering one dimensional, one-size-fits-all learning, Tigerhall enables community learning, personalization and bite-sized content catering to consumption behaviors. Nellie is also a firm believer that the best people to share knowledge are industry experts with decades of experience in their respective fields. With Tigerhall, she has enabled micro-mentorship from 800+ (and growing) successful industry experts known as Thinkfluencers.

Her vision and execution are taking the corporate world by storm – Tigerhall’s clients include Spotify, HP, Cisco and P&G. It is also backed by visionary investors such as Sequoia Capital and the XA Network.

Affectionately known as the “Chief Tiger”, Nellie has built a team spread across the world prowling towards the same goal: to give everyone the opportunity to reach their life goals and become successful at what they do, regardless of their background or circumstances.
Because where you come from should never get in the way you want to go.

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