The Top Meeting Room Kits and Devices Vendors for 2023

Equipping employees to be successful in the new age of remote and hybrid work requires more than just an investment in the right software. Today’s business leaders also need to ensure they’re purchasing the correct tools, devices, and meeting room equipment to enhance collaboration.

Currently, the market for conference room and meeting endpoints is growing at a phenomenal speed, showing a CAGR of 14.7%. As we continue to accelerate into the future of work, the demand for intuitive, convenient, and powerful devices will only continue to grow.

So, where do companies start searching for the right solutions? Here are some of the top meeting room kits and devices vendors in the industry today:

  • Avaya
  • Neat
  • DTEN
  • Cisco Webex
  • Logitech
  • Poly
  • Jabra
  • Display Note
  • Owl Labs
  • Yealink
  • Lenovo
  • Bose
  • Yamaha
  • AudioCodes
  • HP
  • EPOS
  • Crestron
  • Shure
  • ClearOne
  • AVer
  • Coolpo

Focusing on both UCaaS and CCaaS environments, Avaya offers range of tools designed to enhance communication and collaboration for businesses of all sizes. The company’s catalogue includes a collection of intelligent plug-and-play webcams, microphones, and speaker systems for individual workers and groups alike. Business buyers can purchase all-in-one conference room setups, designed for a range of space sizes, or combine multiple separate solutions into one package.

Avaya’s devices address a wide selection of use cases, from budget-friendly and simple solutions, to advanced tools with touch screen access, integrations with leading software, and intelligent features. Avaya’s roadmap for innovation suggests the company will continue to invest in new developments in the years ahead. Check the latest Avaya news here.

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Committed to creating intuitive experiences, spaces, and devices, Neat offers streamlined, plug-and-play technologies for meeting rooms. Tools like the Neat Bar and Neat Pad provide companies with way to manage conferences and conversations with minimal hardware and wires. Neat also has dedicated tools for Zoom and other collaboration software solutions.

With Neat, business buyers can create almost any style of meeting room. There are whiteboards available for digital ideation, all-in-one speaker and microphone systems, and devices with built-in artificial intelligence to improve clarity. Recently, Neat launched support services for device control, to assist businesses in maintaining and utilizing their products. Find the latest Neat news here.

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Specializing in all-in-one meeting room and video systems, DTEN creates hardware for enterprises, educators, and healthcare professionals across the globe. The company’s range of solutions include everything from personal devices Alto simple plug-and-play video bars. There are also dedicated solutions available for businesses investing in Zoom Rooms.

Alongside screens and video systems designed to work with range of modern meeting tools, DTEN also offers various accessories and scheduling solutions for modern meeting rooms. Though the partnership DTEN has with Zoom means many of its tools are designed specifically for Zoom Rooms, companies can still access plenty of OS freedom. Check out the latest DTEN news here.

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Cisco Webex offers both software and hardware solutions for meetings, unified communications, and contact centers. The company’s broad device portfolio features everything from networking systems and routers, to video conferencing bars, Webex Room devices, and desk devices.

Alongside cameras with intelligent framing technologies, AI-enhanced microphones and speaker systems, Cisco also offers companies access to an all-in-one whiteboard, with the Cisco Webex Board. The company’s endpoints are designed to work seamlessly with Webex software, as well as range of other UCaaS and collaboration tools. Cisco even recently increased its interoperability with Microsoft Teams. Read up on Cisco Webex here.

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With options to suit small, midsized, and larger businesses, Logitech’s device and meeting room portfolio can adapt to range of use cases. The organisation’s hardware portfolio covers everything from smart speakers with AI assistants, to video conferencing room kits, headsets, and webcams. Logitech also has tools specially designed for creators and streaming companies.

With options like the Logi Dock, Logitech Sight, and MeetUp camera systems, businesses can equip individual offices and meeting rooms for collaboration, integrating with a range of existing software solutions. Logitech also offers management tools and software for monitoring devices. Recently, the company also introduced a new range of Brio budget webcams. Read up on Logitech here.

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Poly, now part of the HP group, delivers conference phones, business phones, video conferencing systems and headsets to variety of brands. The solutions available from the company are designed to fit a range of needs, from supporting hybrid and remote workers, to kitting out full meeting rooms. Poly also has a range of software solutions and support services available for management teams.

Poly’s video conferencing and meeting room tools come equipped with AI features and analytical insights. Companies can also explore dedicated devices for platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. Poly believes hybrid work is here to stay, and has promised continued innovation going forward. Keep up-to-date with the Poly news here.

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Another company investing in the age of hybrid work, Jabra delivers numerous devices and meeting room solutions for businesses of all sizes. Options range from headsets and earbuds to video conferencing cameras, and full room kits. Many of the devices available from Jabra can offer access to enhanced durability, 4K video, and AI optimisation software.

Jabra’s PanaCast series addresses the needs of professionals investing in video conferencing, and online webinars or events. Plus, there are solutions for industry and user-specific requirements, such as medical-grade hearing systems. Jabra also has room kit designed for Teams Rooms integration. Read up on Jabra news here.

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Primarily focused on serving presenters, learners, and educators, Display Note provides various hardware and software options for collaboration. The Montage service allows users to wireless share screens from any device to bigger display, while Launcher allows users to quickly access calls and apps from any UC vendor. Broadcast also allows users to share the screen of their device with any student computer or smartphone.

Display Note’s technologies work with various UC tools and systems, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. They also provide access to tools for security, compliance, and privacy management, so users can share the same hardware with colleagues safely. Discover the latest Display Note news here.

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Owl Labs is hardware vendor focused on video conferencing and meetings. Products from the brand include microphones, room kits, all-in-one video systems, and cameras. Owl Labs tools, such as the Meeting Owl 3 can integrate with existing conferencing platforms from Zoom, Microsoft, Slack, and many other vendors, with plug-and-play simplicity.

The solutions available from Owl Labs also feature innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Companies can also expand their meeting rooms with various accessories and peripherals from the same brand. Owl Labs was a finalist in the UC Partner Awards for 2022 for “Best Peripheral Vendor”. Check out the latest Owl Labs news here.

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Providing range of UC terminal, web conferencing, and audio devices, Yealink’s device portfolio supports both individual users and teams. Yealink offers certified hardware for companies using UCaaS and conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, with live demo services, and room configurator technology.

Yealink customers can explore a range of wireless and DECT headsets, speakerphones, room scheduling tools and sensors. The company also has its own device management platform, accessible via the cloud. Yealink recently expanded its MeetingBar portfolio, and introduced a new hybrid headset. Stay up to date with the latest news here.

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Lenovo is computing and hardware vendor offering a range of technologies for modern meeting rooms and collaborative sessions. Alongside desk phones and wireless communication tools, Lenovo also offers AI-enhanced conference room equipment and collaboration tools. The ThinkSmart series features plug-and-play simplicity, and security via ThinkShield.

To accompany the range of devices, Lenovo provides access to various professional service and support solutions. Users can access premium IT support, hardware and OEM integration assistance, and software for tracking meeting data. Lenovo also released an AI-assisted desktop in 2022. Track the latest news about Lenovo here.

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Serving both the consumer and professional markets, Bose prioritises devices focused on delivering high-quality audio to meetings and events. Bose has its own range of video bar systems available for meeting rooms and conferencing spaces. The Bose Insights software also allows users to track important usage and performance metrics remotely.

Bose has range of earbuds, noise-cancelling headphones, and wireless headsets to offer modern teams, as well as specialist solutions for different industries. The Bose Videobar devices are designed to work with various leading UC solutions such as Microsoft Teams. Find the latest insights into Bose technology here.

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Yamaha develops professional audio solutions for business meetings, conferences, and conversations. The selection of devices on offer from the company include headphones and earphones with AI enhancements and noise cancelling technology. Companies can also leverage wireless speakers and applications for monitoring endpoint performance.

Yamaha’s tools work seamlessly with leading UC platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Rooms, and Zoom Rooms. Some tools are also certified for specific UC vendor systems. The brand also offers various ceiling and desktop solutions, as well recently updated range of collaboration bars. Discover the latest news about Yamaha here.

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Providing various voice networking and communication tools, AudioCodes offers portfolio of hardware solutions for meetings, collaboration, and the contact centre. The selection of products offered by the brand include systems built specifically for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone, as well as other UC vendor platforms.

Business buyers can create entire meeting rooms with AudioCodes, or purchase plug-and-play solutions for video, audio, and data capture. The company also offers a range of service solutions, in the form of Microsoft Operator Connect support, SBC management and more. Recently, the company announced it has been seeing strong growth in its Microsoft Teams and Zoom systems. Read the latest AudioCodes news here.

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Best-known for developing variety of computing devices and audio-visual meeting solutions, HP has a portfolio of products to offer today’s teams. The vendor recently purchased Poly to expand its standing in the meeting room sector, and also has a variety of existing devices to offer, including docking stations and hubs, webcams, microphones, headsets, and speakerphones.

HP products like the Elite Slice G2 work with various UC vendor platforms, and conferencing software options. They also come with monitoring and analytics tools, HP sure start support, and physical security options like optional port covers and cable locks. Follow the latest news around HP with updates here.

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EPOS creates audio solutions for streaming and content creators, as well as enterprise business leaders. The company’s headset and speaker systems are built using decades of psychoacoustic research and premium technology. Through EPOS, companies can access variety of speakerphones, video conferencing systems, and professional headsets.

Meeting room solutions are available for business environments of all sizes, with extendable technology for expanding spaces. The hardware also works with various conferencing and meeting tools from Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and other companies. EPOS recent partnered with Microsoft Teams to create new certified solutions for collaborative companies. Read the latest news here.

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Crestron’s video conferencing tools address the needs of the hybrid and remote workforce, with all-in-one meeting room systems and individual devices. Creston’s Flex portfolio includes variety of purpose-build solutions for different styles and sizes of meeting space. The company also offers various software soluiitions, like the AirMedia wireless presentation tools.

Meeting room technologies can be enhanced with various add-ons and accessories, including cameras with intelligent video capture capabilities. Creston’s tools also provide flexible and smart soundbars to improve audio quality. Examine the latest meeting room and device news from Crestron here.

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Focused on the audio industry, Shure creates headphones, earphones, and intelligent devices for conferencing, meetings, and collaboration. Alongside range of wired and wireless audio systems, Shure also offers noise-cancelling and sound isolating headphones, flexible microphones, and complete audio room kits.

Users can explore a variety of different products intended for numerous room configurations, including ceiling mounted and table arrays. Shure offers conferencing units with configurable buttons, flexible workstations, and professional event microphone systems. The company recently announced it has received two new Zoom Rooms hardware certifications. Read the latest updates on Shure here.

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Providing selection of professional audio and video solutions, as well as cloud-based collaboration services, ClearOne delivers flexible tools for modern workplaces. The company’s portfolio includes a range of “Aura” devices, for both video and audio collaboration, with advanced audio signal processing and HD quality visuals.

Aura also has a variety of complete packages to offer, which can come with networking systems to help with AV streaming challenges. The company’s commercial products can also include access to technical training from ClearOne’s support team. ClearOne introduced its own collaboration platform in 2022. Read the latest news for the company here.

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With solutions built for compatibility with range of UC and collaboration tools, AVer offers access to everything from video conferencing to audio solutions. Room solutions are available for both Microsoft Teams, and Zoom Rooms, and there are even specialist tools available for companies investing in distance learning, or brands in the healthcare landscape.

AVer’s Room technologies are built accommodate a variety of room sizes and meeting environments, with options like the VB130 kit for smaller huddle rooms, and the VC520 Pro2 kit for medium to large conference spaces. Advanced camera functions are also available with most tools, leveraging features like audio fencing, smart framing, and beamforming technologies.

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AV designer Coolpo produces room kits to suit variety of meeting spaces, in the world of modern work. The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, for instance, transforms small office spaces and rooms into an intelligent meeting space, with built-in AI and speaker tracking. The Coolpo AI Huddle Mini comes with advanced functionality for clearer audio and visual interactions too.  

Cooloo also offers access to accessories to enhance the meeting room experience, such as the “Spacious” noise shield, to block out external distractions. There are even devices intended for personal meeting room setup, such as the AI Huddle Mini Lite, with its unique compact build.

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