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The Technion Is Number One In Europe In Artificial Intelligence

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology has been named Europe’s top university for artificial intelligence by CSRankings, which ranks top computer science institutions around the world. It is the second year in a row that the web app has ranked it in first place. 

The University also placed 16th in the world in AI, and 10th in the world in the subfield of learning systems. 

The Technion recruits researchers and students from all of its departments to promote interdisciplinary AI research, which has increased the number of new programs and initiatives in various fields with leading companies and top universities and research institutions around the world. 

It is also establishing its own AI community to empower its student body and researchers working in all fields of artificial intelligence, which will deepen the Technion’s many collaborations with industry and academia in these fields.  

Around 150 Technion researchers are currently involved in Tech.AI, the Technion’s Center for Artificial Intelligence. Tech.AI researchers apply advanced methodologies and tools at the forefront of artificial intelligence in a variety of fields including data science, medical research, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, and biology.

“The Tech.AI center brings together all of the Technion’s biomed activity in the field of AI and positions it in a dominant place in the world, with extensive partnerships with leading companies such as Pfizer and IBM and leading medical institutions in Israel and the world, including the Rambam Health Care Campus and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center,” said Prof Shai Shen-Orr from the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. 

Prof Shie Mannor from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering said: “The Technion continues to establish its position as the leading research institution in Israel and Europe in the core areas of artificial intelligence, thanks to the unique work environment that exists in this field at the Technion,

“This environment currently comprises about 150 researchers from a variety of faculties, research centers with extensive activity, and a growing number of study programs in the field and research initiatives and programs that are the result of collaborations between the Technion and the leading companies and organizations in Israel and the world.

Professor Assaf Shuster from the Faculty of Computer Science said: “Solidifying the Technion’s position as a pioneer and world leader in the field of AI and spreading the knowledge acquired in this process to the commercial world in all its aspects, are very important national tasks.

“Tech.AI operates around the clock and through a variety of channels and activities to deepen Technion education that promotes AI research and its application in all faculties and research centers and to provide students and researchers dealing in all AI fields with the most supportive environment.”

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