The Solution to Irrelevant LinkedIn Feeds: Triggify Offers Users a Way To Only Read the LinkedIn Posts That Match Their Key Interests

Triggify allows people to select keywords and profiles that match their interests and will send all the matching posts directly to the user’s mailbox.

LinkedIn, once recognized as the world’s largest professional networking platform, has become a never-ending list of irrelevant posts. Users have become increasingly dissatisfied with the platform’s cluttered mess of irrelevant posts flooding their feeds. Whether it is because of 1st-degree connections liking and commenting on posts from people that users are not connected to and those posts showing up in their feed or because the majority of people posting on LinkedIn are doing it to gain something by sharing self-promotional content, clickbait articles, and other spam and low-quality content, it has become clear to a majority of users that they are spending more and more time on filtering through irrelevant posts to get to the posts that are of value and match their fundamental interests.

These growing sentiments have earned the professional networking site the ‘just another Facebook’ badge among users, while publications boldly run headlines on ‘how LinkedIn has become a joke.’

Even with the platform and its content becoming a sore subject for many users, LinkedIn remains an indispensable virtual networking tool. After filtering through the irrelevant and spammy self-promotional posts, there still are relevant and interesting posts being created on the platform. Whether it is content from key business relations such as customers, competitors, or colleagues, there still is an upside to staying up-to-date on the posts that matter. Sadly, this has created a scenario where millions of people are wasting a lot of time scrolling through a feed of irrelevant posts just to get to the few posts that do actually matter.

With the growing inverse popularity of LinkedIn, people have turned to the internet to find best practices on how to make their LinkedIn feeds more valuable. Suggestions ranging from following more industry influencers and leaders to engaging more intensively with the content that users find relevant to boost the algorithm have floated over. However, even if these suggestions offer somewhat of a solution and increase a fraction of the relevancy of the feed, they are very time intensive and cost a lot of effort to implement. 

Enter Triggify

Triggify, a revolutionary tool, is helping restore LinkedIn’s glory by automatically filtering through irrelevant content and delivering posts that include keywords or profiles that match user interests directly in their mailbox. In four simple steps, Triggify introduces people to a world where they never have to read an irrelevant LinkedIn post ever again. Triggify allows people to monitor keywords, profiles, and brand mentions on LinkedIn. The tool delivers a new email with matching posts every 24 hours, saving users an average of 35 minutes per day that they would have wasted on scrolling through their LinkedIn feed.

Triggify allows its users to enter keywords and LinkedIn profiles, for which it will then automatically look for matching posts. Next, users can select whether to look for matching posts in their network or across all of LinkedIn. Finally, users connect their account to LinkedIn and start receiving a daily email with all the matching posts from the previous 24 hours. These matching posts can also be viewed in a handy filterable dashboard.

With the power of Triggify, LinkedIn users have complete control in deciding which LinkedIn posts are valuable to them and then making sure those relevant posts are the only posts they spend their time on. It allows professionals to stop wasting their valuable time on irrelevant LinkedIn posts. 

“We have seen Triggify getting used for a variety of use cases, including monitoring mentions of your brand on LinkedIn, monitoring the LinkedIn activity of competitors, monitoring the LinkedIn activity of employees, and monitoring the LinkedIn activity of prospects and leads to enable SDR’s to track persona behavior.” 

Triggify’s unique solution is revolutionizing the way professionals find and engage with LinkedIn content. The platform is quickly gaining widespread attention for its ability to cut through the noise and deliver valuable and relevant LinkedIn posts, to its users. 

Visit to learn more about its innovative solution and how to save up to 35 minutes per day by not having to scroll through an irrelevant LinkedIn feed anymore.

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