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The silver spoons made by Artificial Intelligence

 Silver spoons are part of a deeply rooted craftsmanship tradition. A symbol of opulence and wealth, silver spoons have kept their charm – and their mostly classic design – through the centuries. A new project by London-based creative design studio OIO and jewellery brand and ‘hypercraft designer’ Giosampietro aims at rethinking the concept of the silver spoon.

‘Spawns Silver Spoons’: a collaboration between humans and AI

Silver spoon with blue blobs. Spoon made by OIO made with artificial intelligence

(Image credit: Courtesy OIO)

The mission of OIO co-founder Matteo Loglio has been to break down the complexities of AI through projects specifically aimed at a young audience, and the ‘Spawns’ collection of silver utensils is the first product he and his team have created in collaboration with an artificial intelligence.

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