The resume ‘gap’ for mums, and what’s wrong with it.

In the eyes of the workforce, motherhood is still perceived as a ‘gap’, something that many women tend to hide so that it doesn’t threaten their credibility or commitment to ‘real’ work.

How do you explain these gaps in your career? Or better yet, how do you convey that this momentous thing that happened to you is as valuable
as any other experience?

Earlier this year, professional networking platform LinkedIn introduced ‘Stay-at-Home Mum’ and other caregiver titles like ‘Homemaker’ to help clarify career gaps. 

I hate this. 

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I might sound like a goblin right now but let me explain: it’s not the role, but the naming that has always irked me.

Imagine if Jason, my husband, listed his role title as a Stay-at-Home Software Engineer. Wrong, isn’t it? The location of where the job occurs is completely irrelevant to the person’s ability to perform. 

We are living in a pandemic and like most, I’m home most of the time. This unnecessary prefix of ‘home’ serves to minimise the value of motherhood. 

It maintains the damaging discrepancy between what motherhood is and what our world sees it as.

It’s absurd to me that motherhood isn’t valued for the immense experience it is.

Strategic foresight, critical thinking, workflow management, negotiation, and emotional intelligence. These are considered some of the most valuable skills in a professional context, and they all come with primary caregiving.

Since motherhood is something many have in common, it’s treated as though people should just be able to do it. But motherhood is not like learning to ride a bike. It’s a transformative and difficult experience. 

So, I decided to make a statement by adding ‘Mother’ as a role to my LinkedIn profile.

Multitasking. Image: Supplied.

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