The Magical Paint That Makes Hanging Wall Art A Breeze (Without Drilling Holes)

You could use this paint to create a gallery wall or simply hang one piece of artwork in multiple ways. The first option is to cover an entire wall with this primer, then attach your pieces. Second, you could cover the surface with the product, add another latex or chalkboard paint on top, and then put up your artwork. Third, you could only apply the primer to certain areas of the wall where you want the pieces to be hung, perhaps in interesting shapes that give the design more dimension.

Once you’re done layering on your many coats of paint, let it cure for a few days. You’ll also need to purchase rare earth magnets, which are extra strong (a 100-count pack costs about $10 on Amazon) and attach them to your lightweight frames or prints with a strong adhesive. Then you can hang and change up your artwork however and whenever you desire.

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